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How powerful is the Type-C data cable?

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Many people find that the Type-C interface is several times easier to use than the Micro USB interface. First of all, the Type-C pluggable function is very practical. The Type-C interface supporting USB3.1 has a data transmission speed of up to 10Gbps; Transmit audio and video signals and expand to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI/DVI/VGA interfaces and so on. Next, let’s take a look at these awesome features of Type-C interface phones.

Fast charge Type-C Cable

In an era when mobile phones receive more and more information, the consumption rate of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, and many people have already charged them for half a day. It is further predicted that with the advent of the 5G era, the power in mobile phones will become less and less used. This form will increase people’s demand for power banks and charging equipment, and the requirements for their quality and functions will become higher and higher. Type-C, which supports fast charging, will further follow the needs of the times.

What should I pay attention to when customizing the data cable?

Mobile phone can also use wired network

If the WIFI at home cannot be connected, or the internet speed is very slow, have you ever thought that the mobile phone can also be connected to the internet line to surf the Internet? For phones with Type-C interface, this function is not a big problem. You only need to connect the phone to the network cable through the Type-C to the network card interface, and enjoy watching TV movies or playing “chicken eating” games, the glory of the king. .

It is more convenient to transfer photos between mobile phones

Mobile phones can also transfer photos to each other without a network. I want to import photos from an old phone to a new phone; or go on a trip with my friends, and I need to send photos taken for my friends to my friends. If it is two phones with Type-C interface, then you can use the Type-C phone U disk to get it done. Insert the USB flash drive into the mobile phone, copy the photos to the USB flash drive, and then insert the USB flash drive into another mobile phone to paste.

No computer needed to transfer camera photos to mobile phone

Nowadays, the camera pixels of mobile phones are getting higher and higher, but there is still a big gap compared with SLR cameras. In daily life, taking a photo with a mobile phone is enough. But in travel, study and work, SLR has an irreplaceable position. When we were traveling and took a beautiful photo with a high-definition SLR, I would like to upload it to Moments immediately and win countless likes, but without a computer, what should I do? The photos taken by the camera want to be transferred to the mobile phone to send to Moments or to others. The mobile phone with Type-C interface can be realized through OTG card reader. In addition, if the phone does not have a memory expansion card slot, the card reader can also be used as an external expansion card slot of the phone. Store photos, movies, etc. in the memory card, and the phone can be viewed through the card reader at any time. Of course, there is a requirement that the mobile phone must support the OTG function. At present, most Type-C mobile phones on the market are mid-to-high-end mobile phones, which basically support OTG functions.

Projecting to TV and projector is faster

To transfer images from mobile phones to TVs and projectors, a Type-C to HDMI cable can be transferred in less than a few seconds.

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