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4 phone accessories that will damage your phone

247 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2019-01-03

Since the invention of the smart phone was invented, there are also a variety of mobile phone accessories. Many people started to purchase various phone accessories to decorate the mobile phone after changing the new mobile phone.

But everyone must pay attention, not all accessories are suitable for your mobile phone, and some of the accessories you are using are quietly hurting your mobile phone.


1, mobile phone dust plug

mobile phone dust plug

In order to prevent dust from entering the mobile phone interface, the merchant has introduced a variety of dust plugs, plastic, metal, and a wide variety, many of which are made into cartoon shapes, which are very popular among girls.

However, the dust plug will wear the earphone interface, causing the traces that cannot be wiped off. If the dust plug of the soft rubber is out of specification, the earphone interface will be broken, and the metal dust plug may damage the circuit at the earphone interface. The short circuit of the mobile phone is harmful to the motherboard.

If you use your mobile phone frequently in the wind and sand, then this dust plug is really useful, but if you only use it in daily life, the dust plug will have a decorative effect, it will not be dustproof, and the dust plug will be It is easy to fall. In fact, the earphone hole of the mobile phone itself has a dustproof effect.


2, mobile phone fan

mobile phone fan

The data interface of the mobile phone can only be used as an input and cannot be output. A small fan needs a large amount of current output to work normally, which has seriously affected the operation of the battery and the circuit board of the mobile phone.


3, inferior charging treasure


Charging treasure is almost an essential mobile phone accessory for everyone. If you do not carefully consider the purchase, you may have a certain safety hazard with the charging treasure. The inferior charging treasure is often simple and inferior because of the low price. The battery core lacks safety and seriously affects the stability of power supply use.

A good charging treasure should be considered in terms of charging performance, safety, durability, and conversion efficiency.


4, poor quality charger and data cable


The life of a data cable is very short. It needs to be replaced after about half a year. However, if it is used for a long time, the current will be unstable, which will affect some electronic components on the motherboard of the mobile phone, and the battery life of the mobile phone will be shortened. Long-term use of inferior data cables can make your phone’s lifespan greatly compromised.

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