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4 ways to extend the life of the power adapter

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The main extended life method includes the following four, below by the power adapter wholesale manufacturer Yuda Introduce it to you in detail.


Method 1: Pulse-by-pulse superpower or overcurrent limit


In the development of new products for switching power adapters, pulse-by-pulse super power and overcurrent limiting are essential. This kind of super power or over current limitation for pulse by pulse is a very effective overload protection method in practical applications, and this technique is often used in additional secondary side current limiting protection. In previous switching devices, the input current was monitored in real time. If this current exceeds the specified limit current value, the turn-on pulse is terminated. In a non-continuous flyback converter, the maximum current determines the power of the circuit. This type of protection circuit becomes a real power limit protection circuit.


Method 2: Super power delay shutdown protection


As a very effective output overload protection technology, the ultra-power delay shutdown protection has been widely used in power adapter products produced in China. In a time-delayed trip system, short-term transient current requirements are tolerated, and the power supply is turned off only when the current stress exceeds a safe value for a long time. The provision of short transient currents will not compromise the reliability of the power supply and will not have a significant impact on the cost of the power supply. Only long-term continuous current requirements will affect the cost and size of the circuit.

4 ways to extend the life of the power adapter


Method 3: Flyback Super Power Limit Protection


In addition to the two methods described above, the flyback ultra-power limit protection method is also an important measure to effectively ensure the safe operation of the switching power adapter. This protection technology is an extension of the above form. In the adapter circuit of the method, there is a special circuit to monitor the primary current and the secondary voltage to reduce the power when the output voltage is lowered. In this way, the output current is reduced when the load resistance is lowered, and the secondary component is prevented from being subjected to excessive stress damage. The disadvantage is that the locking phenomenon occurs when used for a non-linear load.


Method 4: Constant Power Limit Protection


The constant input power limit protection method is the fourth kind of switching power adapter protection technology that we will introduce to you today. It is also a general-purpose output protection technology, which is essential in the development of notebook adapters and mobile phone adapters. The protection principle of this method is to protect the primary circuit by limiting the maximum transmission power. However, in a flyback converter, this technique hardly protects the secondary output components. For example, in a discontinuous flyback converter, the primary peak current has been limited, that is, the limited transmitted power is given.

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