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5 tips to master car charger how to choose?

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The car charger is a must-have item in the car. Except for some car accessories, it is not necessary to charge the mobile phone. Although it’s only a few tens of dollars, it can’t be careless when buying, because the quality of the car chargers currently on the market is uneven. Among the 10 car chargers sampled by CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” There are risks in 8 cases, lack of protection devices, non-flame-resistant casing, unqualified overvoltage strength, and excessive temperature under normal temperature rise… Seriously, it will also lead to spontaneous combustion of the vehicle. It is terrible to think about. .

1. Identify big brands

Because the entry barrier for the car charger industry is relatively low, the market is flooded with many uneven car charger products, so try not to choose a brand that you have not heard of when buying. The quality of big brand products is more guaranteed and will be available. Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit protection and other functions are safer and more reliable to use.

2. Look at the material and design

Common materials are plastic (must be flame retardant) and metal. Although there is no difference, metal car chargers often have a higher level of design, such as CNC, polishing, and laser engraving. , Electroplating and other processes, so the overall face value should be higher than the grade, the feel is much better, of course, the price will obviously be more expensive.

5 tips to master car charger how to choose?
3. Fast charging is essential

Nowadays mobile phones support more and more fast charging. Although the car charger only meets the fragmented charging requirements, the faster the speed, the better. If the charging is too slow, the power charged during the mobile phone navigation is not even enough. . Whether fast charging is supported depends on its output parameters. 5V/1A, 5V/2.1A, and 5V/2.4A are very common. It mainly depends on whether it supports fast charging protocols such as QC3.0. Some car chargers support fast charging on both USB ports, and some only support fast charging, which can be selected as needed.

In addition, some car chargers are now equipped with a USB-C interface and support USB PD fast charging, which is also a very practical function, because more and more mobile phones have adopted USB PD fast charging technology, such as iPhone8/8P/X, Huawei P10 and USB PD fast charging have been supported. There is a need to pay attention to this aspect.

4. Look at the detail design

The details mainly look at what the indicator light is. It is recommended to choose the ring indicator light, which has a more design sense than the dot-shaped indicator light. It is best not to be blue. It is too high-key and slightly low. In addition, some car chargers The lights are dazzlingly bright, and even driving at night can affect driving, especially not recommended.

5. Digital display is optional

Many car chargers have added digital display functions. The biggest advantage is that they can monitor the battery voltage of the car in real time, and handle abnormalities in time after deviating from the normal value. In addition, it can also display the specific status of the device charging, such as whether the charging current has reached fast Charging standard, in general, it is not very useful, it is a feature that is optional.

The price of the car charger is very different. For safety reasons, it is recommended to choose a product of more than 50 yuan. It will be a little more reliable. In addition, you can refer to the five aspects mentioned above, especially to support fast charging and on-board charging. Not only should it be stable but also faster, this is also an inevitable result of the current popularization of mobile phone fast charging technology.

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