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6 habits will reduce cell phone life – Cell phone accessories wholesale

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The mobile phone is an indispensable device for most people. Therefore, we can also see the importance of mobile phones in life, but many people do not know how to maintain and use them correctly. Ninety percent of people do not know that some bad habits in life will reduce the service life of mobile phones and batteries. Here are some of the contents summarized by Yuda cell phone accessories wholesale suppliers for everyone:


1. Use charging cable casually


Many people will have to casually find a mobile phone charger to charge, or when the data line is lost and casually buy something online, most people think that as long as the plug is suitable, in fact, if you use a non-original charger or universal charger, Since the internal circuit design of the charger may be different from that of the original charger, this will cause charging voltage and other charging parameters to change, which has a great influence on the life of the mobile phone battery.


2. The new mobile phone discharges many times


The previous cell phone batteries were basically nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries, which had a memory effect and were fully discharged several times during the initial use to activate the battery. However, today’s smart phones are basically equipped with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have no memory effect and do not need to be activated. Therefore, multiple charge and discharge operations are unnecessary.


3. Charge after exhausted


Charge after exhausted, the lithium battery will be in an over-discharged state. The voltage inside the battery is relatively low, so it should be charged when the battery power drops below 20%.


6 habits will reduce cell phone life


4. Do not remove the phone case when charging


In order to protect the mobile phone, many people will choose to wear a mobile phone case. However, when the mobile phone is charged, it will generate heat, and the lithium battery itself is very afraid of heat. If the mobile phone is overheated when it is charged, then a large amount of heat generated by the charging of the mobile phone case will converge.

5. The charging temperature is too low or too high


When charging, confirm the temperature first. In low temperature environment, the low temperature protection mechanism of lithium battery will cause the charging speed to slow down or unable to charge; while at high temperature, lithium battery will be unstable, even cause explosion!


6. Long-term use of power bank


Although many power bank can provide more than 1A current, power bank cannot guarantee the continuous stable output of voltage/current. In addition, power bank itself will generate a certain amount of heat when charging the mobile phone, so it is not recommended to charge the mobile phone for long-term use of the power bank.


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