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7 bad habits will make your mobile phone explode

306 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-06-28

First, use full charge and discharge for the first time


Since most of the previous phone batteries were nickel-metal hydride batteries, the electronic products we bought would definitely allow it to be fully charged and discharged. However, most mobile phones used today are lithium batteries, as long as they are used normally.


Second, charge for a long time


Now our mobile phones are all smart phones. After full charge, the phone will turn on the protection of the battery. When the power consumption situation occurs, overcharge protection will automatically shut down. When we charge the mobile phone for a long time, we cannot control the power consumption of the mobile phone, such as the mobile phone receiving SMS. Then it will cause the phone to open and close too often, which will bring great pressure to the mobile phone chip. This will accelerate the cell phone battery damage, the specific performance is the battery swell, or even an explosion.


Third, charge while playing


We should usually charge while playing, but we will find that using this phone, the phone will easily become hot! I believe that everyone has also read a lot of news and used it to cause the phone to explode while charging.


mobile phone explode


Fourth, the battery is placed in a cold or overheated environment


We will find that our mobile phone battery is much less durable than usual during summer and winter. Because excessively cold or overheated environment will cause the battery activity to decrease, the battery life of the mobile phone battery will be greatly shortened. In the overheated environment, our cell phone batteries will also be in danger of explosion.


Fifth, do not use the original charger


Our original phone charger is only one when buying a mobile phone, so we will buy a lot of chargers. But do you know? Different chargers have different charging currents, especially high-copy chargers. High-copy chargers are often used. The battery life of mobile phones will be shortened.


Six, after the charge does not pull charger


Many people do not pull chargers after they have finished charging. If it is a copycat charger, this may cause a fire. The habit of unplugging the charger after charging is the best way to avoid accidents.


Seven, do not use for a long time


If the lithium battery is in an empty state for a long time, it will also cause damage to the battery. The best way is to charge the battery every time. For mobile phones that are no longer in use, you can choose to recycle your phone.

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