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Accessories For Huawei Meet Business And Fashion Elements

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(1) leading noise reduction technology: noise reduction up to 15-30dB, Accessories For Huawei can effectively filter aircraft engines, trains, cars, crowd noise;

(2) the originality of the ID design: ergonomic principles, Accessories For Huawei comfortable to wear at the same time highlight the fashion temperament.

(3) high-fidelity sound quality: the use of high-performance acoustic drive unit, restore the nature of sound, as in person at the scene feel;

(4) patented power supply technology to support Huawei Mate7 / glory 6plus mobile phone continues to charge. Using industry-leading active noise reduction technology, up to 15-30dB low-frequency noise reduction, noise reduction is active noise reduction and passive noise reduction, active noise reduction between waves and waves if the reverse will be in the theoretical conditions Under the realization of offset, are more noise reduction technology. Specifically for aircraft engine noise to optimize the noise reduction debugging, in the aircraft, train, subway, bus noise reduction effect is very obvious, Accessories For Huawei very noisy environment can also be quiet reading, listening to music, sleep.accessories for huawei

Headphones based on ergonomic design, comfortable to wear, the operation is also very convenient, the choice of headphones is more than 99.97% high purity oxygen-free copper core, Accessories For Huawei to ensure the quality of conductive and sound transmission, ID design simple, in line with business and fashion elements, Beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, the current mainstream Huawei models (Mate7, Glory 6 Plus) to support the headset charging, headset no electricity can also be used as a professional ordinary headphone.

HUAWEI SuperCharge Car Charger 5A Fast Charge, Dual USB Smart Output, 4 Safety Protection; with Type-C original 5A data cable, support HUAWEI P10, P10 Plus, Accessories For Huawei Mate9 Porsche, Mate9 Pro, Mate9 and other models fast charge.

Huawei 10000mAh mobile power fast charge version

Aluminum alloy body, 18W two-way fast charge, multiple safety protection; with type C data cable, polymer 606588 batteries. Huawei AM116 half ear earphone metal version of the three key wire; more sound hole tuning system. Sound quality low-frequency rich and flexible, IF clear and full, high-frequency details of the rich not spikedheadphone for huawei

Can call the healthy bracelet, Accessories For Huawei guide healthy digital life. Bluetooth call, sleep detection, motion tracking, waterproof and dustproof, connected WeChat, sports management together, simple intelligent life.

7.3mm extreme ultra-thin, integrated dolphin fuselage, LED light array and colorful body pavilions only for the point “pretty” your attitude. 206 pieces of components, Accessories For Huawei 108 processes, 93 kinds of clothing, 56 to enjoy the test, only to give you the most perfect product.

More sound hole tuning system beautiful sound quality, three key wire control, excellent touch, easy to operate, the appearance of metal materials, drilling cut high light, oxidation resistance.

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