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Battery capacity and fast charging technology, which is more important?

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The relationship between humans and mobile phones is now very close. One of the problems we have to face is the mobile phone’s battery endurance. When the mobile phone has no electricity, then the question is, which is more important?


At present, mobile phone batteries generally use lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. The cell phone battery consists of three parts: the cell, the protection circuit, and the housing. Current cell phone batteries are all lithium ion batteries, and the positive electrode material is lithium cobalt oxide. The standard discharge voltage is 3.7V, the charge cutoff voltage is 4.2V, and the discharge cutoff voltage is 2.75V.

So back to what we said above, which is more important for mobile phone battery capacity and fast charging technology?

If you are anxious to go out, of course, fast charging technology is better, but if you go out to play, large-capacity battery is essential.Battery capacity and fast charging technology

The first point to note is that overcharging, overdischarging, and short-circuiting can severely damage the performance of the battery and may result in risk. Therefore, cell phone batteries generally have a slim protective circuit board to prevent these risks.


At present, lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but they are inert. They may be deactivated if they are not used for a long period of time, and they can be restored several times to restore optimal performance. Therefore, even if you do not use a cell phone, you must always charge and discharge.


There is no need to expose the battery to high temperatures or cold. Like the dog days, should not put the phone in the car, withstand the sun exposure; or get air-conditioned room, placed in the air-cooled place. When charging, the battery is a little hot and normal. To avoid this situation, it is best to charge at room temperature and do not cover anything on the phone

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