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Can earphones damage your ears?

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Does the earphone hurt the ear? Today’s headphones are divided into many different types, which one is the most harmful to the ear?


Below I checked the information and basically came to a conclusion:


Long-term use of headphones is harmful to the ear, no matter how expensive you are, how good the sound quality, and the damage to the ear is different for different headphones.


Can earphones damage your ears

Headphone classification is basically divided into the following categories:


1. Head-mounted: The performance of the sound field is the strongest, the sound is more natural, it sounds less prone to fatigue, but because the general size is relatively large, it is not convenient to carry.


2. Ear-hook type: Hanging on the ear can play a good role in fixing, but it can’t fit the ear perfectly, so it leaks, but it can be good for the ear canal without taking bacteria, but it is soundproofed. This kind of headphones is not popular.


3. Earplug type: Because it is not deep into the ear canal, it is only fixed by the structure of the ear, and it is easy to fall, but the body is small and convenient to carry, the structure is simple, and the cost is low. Because it can’t be completely isolated from the outside world, the sound insulation performance is not very good, and due to the structural effect, some people may have symptoms such as ear contour pain due to long-term use.


4. In-ear type: reduce the interference of external noise, even in the noisy environment to maximize the external influence, because of the most intimate contact with the ear, it can greatly reduce the leakage and improve the texture of music. But the shortcomings are also very obvious. Some people will feel very uncomfortable, and people with otitis media are very unsuitable. Some inferior headphones will scratch the ear canal. It is easier to breed bacteria because of close contact with the ears.

Can earphones damage your ears

The common hazards of long-term use of headphones:


Wearing headphones for a long time and using them, severe cases can lead to hearing loss, ear resolution is reduced, hearing weakening can come 30 years in advance.


Wear headphones for a long time and listen to music when you have neurological tinnitus. If you often have high-pitched tinnitus or short-term deafness, go to the hospital immediately.


Due to prolonged use, the ear is in an excited state for a long time, and long-term excessive stimulation causes disorder of metabolism of the cell tissue, resulting in insufficient blood supply, resulting in damage to the peripheral receptor, resulting in hearing loss.


It is easy to get dizzy when used for a long time, or it is very painful to touch the ear. In severe cases, it can lead to mental and physical dysfunction. The specific manifestations are anorexia, insomnia, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, slow thinking, and psychological disorders.


Using high volume or similar to metal music, DJ, etc. will cause damage to the eardrum for a long time, because the earphones will cause damage to the ear by more than 85 decibels. The high-frequency sound will cause constant impact on the eardrum, which will cause irreparable damage. If the sound reaches a certain level, it will break the eardrum.


Which type of earphones have the biggest damage to the ear?

Can earphones damage your ears

The basics of ear damage are earbuds and in-ears: (also the most commercially available)


First, the earbud type:


Because earphones are not very good for noise isolation, many people want to achieve the desired bass or reduce the surrounding noise.


Due to the design of the structure, the earphones are fixed by the auricle and used for a long time. If there is a slight difference in the structure of each person’s ear, long-term use will cause a certain pressure on the auricle, and the performance is the external auditory canal. Or the auricle feels pain.


Since the surface of the earphone is generally mesh, empty or of good quality, there is a sponge pad to relieve the pressure on the ear, but it is easy to carry bacteria and dust inside the ear.


Second, in-ear type:


1. Since the in-ear earphone is deep into the ear canal, it is very excellent for sound insulation. If the plug is too tight, the pressure in the ear canal is relatively large, which will easily cause the deformation of the eardrum.

2. Closed type may cause insufficient blood supply to the ear canal, so it will cause pain in the ear canal.

3. Since the in-ear headphones penetrate deep into the ear canal, the breeding of bacteria is larger than that of the earplugs

Can earphones damage your ears


Some good suggestions:


Reduce the length of use of the headphones, do not let the ears fatigue, the general length is about an hour.

For the earphones used and their ears, try to clean them regularly. Some earphones will be very dirty when they touch the ears.


Buy your own comfortable headphones, because each person’s ears have a certain difference in appearance, so don’t just look at the brand, sound quality, try to buy your own comfortable headphones.


Try to use the right volume to listen to the headphones in a quiet place. Because of the music and noise, the ear will make a distinction. If you use a large volume to cover up the noise for a long time, it will reduce the ear resolution and damage the eardrum.

Do not use headphones while sleeping, because many people fall asleep.

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