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Can phone chargers be compatible? Original phone charger supplier

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The chargers for different brands of mobile phones have not been unified yet. Can they be universally compatible?

At present, the output of different phone chargers is DC 5V DC output, but the output current varies, then can all mobile phones be universally compatible?

Major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, and LG have gradually converted their interfaces to micro USB interfaces. Although the mobile phone charging interface standard has basically been unified, the power adapters of different brands of mobile phones are not unified. When the user charges the mobile phone, it is better to use the original phone chargers or use a well-known and well-known brand phone chargers.

original mobile phone chargers supplier


The charger plug is plugged into a 220V AC outlet. After the mobile phone is connected to the charger through the data cable, the 220V AC power is first converted into high-voltage direct current through the rectifier circuit, and then becomes high-frequency and high-voltage through the switch tube, which is then converted to the low voltage through the transformer. The 5V low voltage passes through a rectifying and regulating circuit and becomes 5V stable DC power. This is the process of charging the entire cell phone.

The original phone chargers are equipped with a transformer, so it can be automatically adjusted even under unstable voltage, which is safer. Instead of original phone chargers, especially low-cost copycat phone chargers, which lack a protective circuit, they cannot guarantee the stability of the current when charging, they can easily burn out the phone battery, shorten the service life of the battery, and even cause the explosion.

The website Lifehacker once conducted a detailed experiment to compare original phone chargers, branded chargers, and copycat phone chargers. The results show that although the brand phone chargers are indeed not as good as the original phone chargers, the work is also good. But the copycat phone chargers basically cannot be used.

In addition, if you are using the original power adapter, the adapter heat is normal during charging. Because it consumes energy when converting the output voltage, some of it becomes thermal energy and conducts on the surface of the adapter. In the actual process, a lithium-ion battery packs a battery core into a battery board. It can ensure that the circuit of the battery is automatically cut off during overcharging, overdischarging and short circuit; too high battery voltage will also trigger decompression of the exhaust device. So charging the phone overnight will not damage the battery.

Therefore, the mobile phone chargers can be universally compatible because the current mobile phone battery can adapt to the DC charging of 4.75V-5.25V voltage, but considering the healthy life of the mobile phone, the original phone chargers or the brand phone chargers with quality assurance should be used.

The cheap copycat phone chargers may cause a security accident. So cheap copycat phone chargers should definitely not be purchased.

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