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What are the causes of lithium battery explosion?

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The cell phone itself has relatively few problems. The problem with the cell phone battery itself is often found in refurbished cell phones or used cell phones. In order to save costs, second-hand mobile phones or refurbished mobile phones tend to choose low-cost, low-quality cell phone batteries in mobile phone configurations. These batteries have a high risk of low cost, excessive impurities, poor design process, and self-explosion.


The battery is overcharged for a long period of time: Under long-term charging conditions, overcharge and over-current may also cause high temperature and high voltage, causing hidden troubles. Lithium batteries may instantaneously discharge under a special temperature and poor contact conditions and generate a large amount of current, causing spontaneous combustion or explosion.lithium battery explosion


Short circuit of the battery: When the mobile phone is in a high temperature state or subjected to impact, it may cause the battery to short circuit and explode.

Charging causes the battery to explode: Play while charging. Charging while playing will lead to longer charging time. Charging for a long time will cause the temperature of the mobile phone to rise and make it more likely to explode.


Charger and battery do not fit: Normal phones have original phone charger. A wrong type charger can easily cause a battery accident. Apple’s mobile phone only accepts the original charger, which greatly reduces the chance of battery self-explosion.

The temperature is too high: the temperature is too high is the internal heat of the battery reaches the limit, prolonged charging, high temperature irradiation can easily cause the battery temperature is too high. Many people like to play with mobile phones while baking on the side of an electric oven. This is also very dangerous.


Thermal runaway: The danger of a lithium-ion battery exploding is due to a process called “thermal runaway” in the battery’s internal reactions. “Thermal runaway” is an energy forward-reverse cycle: elevated temperatures cause the system to become hot, and the system heats up to raise the temperature, which in turn makes the system hotter. The above reasons such as short circuit of the battery, high temperature, frequent overcharging, unauthorized modification of the housing, etc., can cause thermal runaway of the lithium-ion battery and eventually may cause fire or explosion.

But don’t worry too much. As long as there is reasonable use, lithium batteries will work safely and reliably. Whenever the battery drops to 50%, you should charge it. Lithium ions have no memory effect, but too low a voltage can cause them to be severely damaged.

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