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The cell phone accessory refers to a directly connected accessory used by the mobile phone, which is what we commonly call a mobile phone secondary product. Cell phone accessories are divided into external and built-in.


Built-in cell phone accessories


(Note: Built-in cell phone accessories referred to as cell phone parts) LCD screen, touch screen, mobile phone case, battery, earphone, charger, IC, earpiece, ringer, vibrator, antenna, deck, cardo, ear seat, contact lens, camera, Open key, lock key, touch pen, data cable, video cable, adapter, collector, card reader, face case, mid-board, battery cover, etc.


External cell phone accessories


Multi-screen interactive accessories, protective film, mobile phone sets, shells, lanyards, mobile power, back clips and so on.


• The cell phone battery must pay attention to the output voltage of the power supply during the charging process must be within the specified range, otherwise it cannot achieve the charging function.


• When using the data cable, be aware that the relay connector must match, otherwise the corresponding function cannot be realized.


The relevant cell phone accessories must be placed in a dry environment. Rain, moisture, and various liquids or moisture can corrode electronic components and devices.


• When purchasing cell phone accessories, it is best to purchase it from a factory-authorized franchise store. This ensures that authentic original accessories are purchased and can be used more safely. Due to careless selection, the mobile phone may not reach the optimal state, and even severely affect its normal use. Secondly, it may cause damage to the mobile phone or battery and shorten its service life.


• Buy mobile phone film; In addition to looking at the material, it is also necessary to understand the film’s abrasion resistance, light transmittance, and tackiness. Professional mobile phone foil people said that the transmittance of the protective film is the most important factor.

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