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There are three main types of mobile phone batteries: nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and lithium-ion batteries.


Nickel-cadmium batteries


The nickel-cadmium battery is the first generation of mobile phone batteries. It consists of two plates. One pole is made of nickel and the other is made of cadmium. These two metals react reversibly in the battery, so the battery can be recharged. However, it has a low capacity, has a memory effect, requires frequent discharge to maintain capacity, and environmental pollution in the manufacturing materials. Currently, such batteries have been basically eliminated.


NiMH batteries

The capacity of the second-generation nickel-hydrogen battery is 30% to 50% higher than that of the nickel-cadmium battery, and the talk time of the mobile phone is also extended by 30%. Its manufacturing materials have little environmental pollution (does not contain cadmium metal), and people used to call it an environmentally friendly battery. However, nickel-metal hydride batteries also have self-discharge. At normal room temperature, the nickel-hydrogen battery has a power loss rate of 1 to 3% per day. After a fully charged nickel-hydrogen battery is placed for several weeks, it should be recharged before use.


Cell phone battery type and characteristics


Lithium Ion Battery

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries with light weight, high energy and no self-discharge have been welcomed by consumers. Now they have become the development trend of mobile phone batteries. The advantages are:

1) No memory effect, no need to discharge, long use time.


2) The working voltage is high. Usually, the voltage of a single-cell lithium-ion battery is 3.6V, and the voltage of a nickel-hydrogen-nickel-cadmium battery is 1.2V, which is three times different.


3) Small size, light weight and high specific energy. The energy of a lithium-ion battery is more than twice that of a nickel-cadmium battery. With the same volume compared with the volume of nickel-metal hydride batteries, the volume can be reduced by 30% and the weight can be reduced by 50%.


4) Long life. The life of high-quality lithium-ion batteries can reach more than 1000 times, which is much higher than other types of batteries.


5) Safe and fast charging. Lithium-ion batteries are treated with special technology, so they are allowed to quickly and fully charge within 3 hours, and the safety performance is greatly improved.


6) The operating temperature range is allowed to be wide. Lithium-ion batteries can operate between +60 ° C. High-temperature discharge performance is superior to other types of batteries.


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