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What can I do if my cell phone cannot be charged?

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What can I do if my cell phone cannot be charged?


There are many reasons why cell phone cannot be charged, and there are two main categories: system and hardware. The system is the reason for the mobile phone ROM, and the hardware is the phone charger, phone battery, and other issues.

What can I do if my phone charger cannot be charged?

How to find what is wrong

Step 1. The mobile phone can’t charge, but of course, it’s going to be a problem. First, the phone is connected to the charger and plugged into the card to see if it can be charged. If it can’t be recharged, then the possible problems are:

(1) The charger is broken

(2) The connection line is broken

(3) The phone interface is broken

(4) The battery is broken

(5) System issues

(6) Then remove it

Step 2. Change the connection cable or change the charging plug, and then recharge it to see if it can rush into the electricity. If the rush of electricity, it proves to be the problem, change the root line, or change the charging plug on it. Pay attention to the same parameters as the current and voltage of the original charging plug of the mobile phone when changing the charging plug. Prevent damage to the phone. If not, the possible problems are:

(1) Problems with the mobile phone interface

(2) Battery problem

(3) System problems

Step 3. Remove the battery. Use universal charger to flush, if OK, it is the problem of mobile phone charging interface, if not, then continue troubleshooting, there may be problems:

(1) Battery

(2) System

Step 4. Try another battery. If you can charge after changing the battery, it is likely that the battery is scrapped. Change the battery. If it still does not work, then this can only be a system problem. Pay attention to choose the original cell phone battery.

Step 5. Many people do not understand how the system will affect charging. Using the Android system as an example, there is a file in the Android system’s log that records the battery information. If the battery information is incorrect, the mobile phone will not be charged.

fix your phone if it wont charge

How to solve the problem that the cell phone cannot be charged?

Method 1. The charger or the data cable is broken: This replacement charger or data cable is enough.

Note: Please select the original replacement, this will not cause harm to the phone. If you think that the original can not, you can buy a good quality charger. If the current is too high, it may cause damage to the phone’s motherboard.

Method 2, the problem of mobile phone interface: This is caused by bad mobile phone charging interface. Please go to a professional mobile phone shop to repair it. Do not disassemble it yourself.

Method 3, battery problem: If it is determined that the battery problem, then replace it with a battery, preferably the original or high-quality battery.

Method 4, the system ROM problem: For the system ROM problem, please ensure that there is a certain brush machine experience or mobile phone system knowledge. You can choose the re-brush machine to try or use the following method to clear the system’s battery information.

Method 5: Ensure that the phone has root privileges: The phone enters recovery mode, selects wipe, then selects the wipe battery status, and then reboots. If recovery only has wipe data or factory reset, please backup all data before the wipe.

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