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What are the characteristics of graphene batteries?

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In the last decade, smartphones should be one of the fastest growing industries. Whether it is system or configuration, camera capability or unlocking solution, there has been a big breakthrough. The most powerful one is the fast charge technology, which has changed from 20W fast charge to 50W fast charge, and even developed a 100W super fast charge. But I don’t know if you have found out that the mobile phone battery itself does not seem to change, or the lithium battery used to have a bit of increase in capacity. Why is this?


Large capacity battery is thick and heavy


I don’t know if you have taken the battery of the electric car? Don’t look at it’s small size, but there are also dozens of pounds, and many girls can’t get it. Therefore, many manufacturers’ high-end flagship machines are not necessarily matched with large-capacity batteries. The first is to increase the thickness of the mobile phone. Secondly, it will be too heavy to affect the feel.


Large capacity battery life is short


In general lithium batteries, the charging life is about 2,000 times, and the large-capacity battery is prone to heat due to its long charging time. On the contrary, the number of charging times and the service life are lower than those of small-capacity batteries.


What are the characteristics of graphene batteries


Someone has said this, who can break through the current battery problem, who is the next richest man in the world. This sentence may be a bit exaggerated, but it must be said that the battery is indeed one of the most needed configurations for smart phones at this stage. If there is a breakthrough in battery technology, it will inevitably be accompanied by huge changes in smartphones.


In 2010, the discoverers of graphene materials won the Nobel Prize, and this new material is well known to the public. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said: The biggest subversion in this era is graphene. And in the next 10 to 20 years, graphene will erupt a technological revolution.


What is the difference between a graphene battery and a normal lithium battery?


At present, there is data showing that compared with ordinary lithium batteries, graphene batteries are several times more than ordinary lithium batteries in terms of capacity and life, but the cost is only one quarter of the cost of lithium batteries. The same capacity of graphene battery is only half the weight of lithium batteries. And the charging speed is much faster than ordinary lithium batteries. A 5000 mA graphene battery can be completely filled in half an hour. That is to say, graphene batteries have advantages only compared with ordinary lithium batteries, and there are no disadvantages.



Graphene batteries are so powerful, why haven’t they appeared yet?


Some time ago, Samsung China released a blog: Graphene batteries can use lithium ions to quickly shuttle and move between graphene surfaces and electrodes, and develop a new graphene battery. It can increase the battery capacity by about 50%, even if it is in a high temperature environment of 60 degrees Celsius. Even in ten minutes, it can be fully charged.


However, Samsung said that Samsung is indeed studying graphene batteries, but because the technology is not mature enough, there may be no way to launch this year. It may not be until 2020. Perhaps the graphene battery is indeed a technology that is difficult to break through.


What are the characteristics of graphene batteries


In addition to smartphones, are there other applications for graphene batteries?


The first is the application of new energy vehicles. Everyone should have heard that most of the new energy vehicles are electric vehicles. But the biggest problem with electric cars is battery life and charging. The best Tesla cars that are currently doing can only reach the theoretical life of 300 kilometers. If the appearance of graphene batteries, it may be able to drive the progress of new energy vehicles. After all, who does not love the electric vehicles with low cost and long battery life?


The second is the heating of graphene. Some netizens broke the news. Graphene materials can also make a new type of graphene self-heating floor. The carbon molecules in the graphene material are highly moved and impacted to generate heat to achieve heating. Perhaps the future of graphene technology is really mature, and the self-heating floor will bring convenience to our lives.


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