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How to Choose Type-C Data Cable – USB Cable Wholesale

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With the popularity of Type-C data cables, more and more mobile phone manufacturers in the market have begun to use the Type-C interface. Due to the different interface types, we cannot use the device with the Type-C interface. Apple data cable can also not use the Android data cable for charging and data transmission, only use Type-C charging data cable. There are different skills for purchasing Apple and Android data cables. So, how should the Type-C charging data cable be selected? Mainly look at the following three points:


1, regardless of positive and negative, double-sided plug


In general, the most intuitive difference between Type-C charging data lines and other data lines is that they are not positive or negative, and can be inserted on both sides. This is not only to increase the consumer’s experience, reduce the time to plug in the data cable, it can also improve the life and security of the Type-C data line. It also shows that the plug and the jack are not worn by the wrong friction, which reduces the fit between the plug and the jack. On the contrary, the contact between the plug and the jack is better avoided and the charging speed is unstable. 

Of course, the data lines of the Android and Apple interfaces on the market have also introduced double-sided pluggable data lines, so this point cannot directly distinguish the Type-C data lines.

How to choose Type-C data cable


2, charging speed is fast


Due to the relatively high frequency of use of electronic devices, nowadays, mobile electronic devices are preferred to consider devices with large battery capacity and fast charging speed. Type-C charges much faster than traditional USB interfaces, so it’s popular. In fact, the factors affecting the charging speed of Type-C mainly include the current allowed by the data line itself and the current limit that the wall charger can support.


The advantage of the Type-C interface is that it supports a higher current supply current, and uses Type-C to pass more current during the same time, thus accelerating the charging speed of the device. At present, the charging current of most Type-C data lines is generally 2A. If it is to reach 3A, the high current wall charging needs to be matched at the charging rate. That is to say, if the wall charger only supports 1A, whether it is charging with 2A or 3A data lines, there is no difference at all; if the wall charger supports 2A, and then with 2A/3A Type- C data lines, the effect can be significantly changed.


3, has a two-way charging function


The device equipped with the Type-C interface can be connected to the mobile power source for charging via the Type-C cable. The user does not need to carry the charging cable with the wall charger and the Type-C cable.

In addition, when selecting the Type-C charging data line, it is important to pay attention to the current limit. The 1A charging data line does not have fast charging performance, 2A is the most popular Type-C charging data line, and 3A is the best data at present. Line, if you want to have a fast charging effect, you must choose a Type-C charging cable with 3A current.

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