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The damage of the fake USB cable-USB cable wholesale

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There are all kinds of fake USB cable on the market. If you are willing to spend only $1 to buy your phone for cheaper purposes, then you will pay for your crazy behavior. You know the damage of the fake USB cable. What harm? Then talk to everyone.


Charging slowly

One hour to reach 50% power? Or do you charge 10% for 5 hours? Looking at the charging performance of a charging line depends on the input/output voltage when it is loaded with electricity. In other words, it depends on how much electricity the current passes through the charging line. Some copycat charging lines on the market currently have extremely unstable currents and can easily consume phone battery life.(How to make your cell phone battery last longer)


Transmission slowly

Some people think that the length of the USB cable will affect the transmission rate. In fact, within a certain length range, the qualified USB cable length will not have a great impact on the transmission speed. Most of the fake charging lines in the market have only 2 cores, while the excellent USB cable use 4-core copper cables. Supports data transmission and charging. In addition, the diameter of the cable will actually affect the charging of the mobile phone and the data transmission speed. If the cable is not good and the cable diameter is short, even if it is a regular length cable, the transmission performance will not be very good, even There will be a situation where the USB cable is hot, causing security risks.

damage of USB cable

The end of the thread is easily broken and damaged

People who have used the copycat USB cable must be this feeling. There are many reasons for the breakage and breakage of the thread end, such as poor quality of the sheath material, overheating of the core, repeated insertion and removal, and long-term coiling. Some excellent USB cable use braided net wrapping, which greatly reduces heat loss while increasing charging and data rates.


Too long and too hard

Moderate length for easy storage and portability. In addition, in order to save costs, some bad manufacturers choose materials with cheap texture as the line skin, so we will always find that the USB cable will harden after a period of use, resulting in obstruction of charging.USB cable


Current instability burns the hardware

The investigation found that the USB cable of the cottage is likely to damage the important wafers in the mobile phone due to the unstable current provided. This chip is responsible for controlling the charging voltage, power button, USB function and more. After being destroyed, the phone will not boot. The professional or original USB cable will generate a limiting voltage when the current is too high, protecting the phone from damage.
In summary, the charging USB cable as an important path for mobile phone power supply must have five basic characteristics of fast charging, security, stable data transmission, robustness, and portability. It is recommended that users do not choose false USB cable after the data cable is damaged.(How should we choose a good USB cable?

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