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The development of mobile phones in the next decade

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On April 3, 1973, Motorola engineer Marty Cooper took out a 2.5-pound-long, 9-inch-long,

5-inch-thick mobile phone on the street – Motorola’s earlier Dyna Tac phone, the world’s

first mobile phone. Mobile phones have been developing for 45 years. The past ten years

have seen the fastest development of mobile phones, and have also driven the development

of mobile phone accessories.


In 2007, the iPhone was just released. Smartphones are beginning to spread. At that time, it

was still the era of feature phones. Now it is the era of smartphones, with large screens, full

screens, and curved screens. Before 10 years ago, you can’t imagine Nokia going out of business.

You can’t imagine how you would use a mobile phone without a button. You can’t imagine that

your mobile phone can take a taxi, transfer money, and shopping. In the past ten years, mobile

phones have undergone tremendous changes.


apple-cell phone


Most people think that in another decade, science and technology will be integrated into every

moment of the day to make our life more efficient. What does a smartphone look like? Although

the future is unpredictable, ten years is not long, we also come to predict the development of

smartphones in the next decade.


The biggest change is the appearance of the phone. Each new technology update is almost related

to the appearance of the phone, such as the curved screen, full screen, and so on. In the next five

to ten years, the full screen will surely become a true full screen, and the full screen may also be

able to bend and fold, the entire mobile phone can be wrapped around the wrist, the camera will not

be prominent, the pixels are also will be better! Of course, in addition to fingerprint recognition and

iris recognition, there will certainly be other biometric technologies. In the future, there may be voice

recognition technology, somatosensory recognition technology, and so on.

new mobile phone

Then there is communication technology. The communications network experiences 2G/3G/4G

and will soon enter 5G. Of course, 5G network technology may improve not only the speed but

also the stability of the network signal. Even if you go to the underground parking lot, you can

have a stable signal. Future communication charges hope is very cheap.



Battery technology will improve in the next decade. It is also a very good thing to use one month

for one charge. The charging technology has also improved, 5 minutes can be full! We do not need

to worry about the battery life of smartphones.



So with the rapid development of smartphones, mobile phone accessories will also be changed, for

example, mobile phone lithium batteries will be replaced. Wireless charging technology will become

more common. Yuda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a supplier specializing in original mobile phone accessories. 


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