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The difference between 1A charger and 2A charger

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Nowadays, smartphones are being updated quickly. In a few years, the home can pick up a bunch of chargers.


The plugs of the charger are almost the same. There are basically three types of mobile phones. The Android phone is a Micro USB port. The latest type-C interface, the Apple phone is a lightning interface, so the phone charger compatibility is also very common. It is also common to charge the iPhone with an iPad charger. Few people will look at the charger model and the voltage and current markers above. But when we buy a mobile phone, we are often reminded by the store: to use the original phone charger to charge.


So, is the charger compatible? Assuming the original charger of the mobile phone is 5V/2A, can it be charged with other phone chargers?

The difference between 1A charger and 2A charger


First, with a 5V/1A low current charger, the charging time will double and the charger will heat up.


With the 1A charger that is lower than the standard value, it can be charged, but the charging speed will be slower and the time required will be longer. Moreover, the charging head may have a fever phenomenon because the charger is always in an overload state. So this way can, but is not recommended, unless there is only one charging head around.


Second, with a 5V/4A high-current charger, it won’t get faster, and the charging time is basically the same.


The 4A charger that is higher than the standard value is the same as the standard charger charging time, and will not speed up, but it will not damage the phone. Because the phone has a power management chip, the chip will reduce the current to 2A allowed by the phone. So in this way, there is no problem.



Third, use 9V/2A or 5V/4.5A fast charge charger, try not to use 9V fast charge charger.


Nowadays, fast charging technology is developing very fast. Many mobile phones have increased voltage and current in order to speed up the charging. But fast charging also requires mobile phone support. The normal regular charger will output according to the output voltage/current of the mobile phone. But it is best to ensure that the voltage is 5V. Do not try to charge the phone with a high voltage.

Multi-port USB charger


The charging current is determined by the phone, not the current drawn by the charger.


The number marked by the charger is the maximum current output by the charger, but the actual current is controlled by the mobile phone. So with a 4A charger, or even a 30A charger, there will be no safety issues. Moreover, when the mobile phone power chip encounters a large current or the temperature is abnormal, the protection device is triggered to stop charging. For example, the iPhone charger is 5V/1A, and the iPad charger is 5V/2A, but it is fully compatible. Multi-interface USB charger, the total output may be 5V/12A, the single-port output is 5V/2.4A, so it can charge the ipad or charge the phone. Finally, it is concluded that as long as it is a original phone charger, it is compatible, but to ensure that the output voltage is consistent.


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