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What is the difference between fast charging technology and slow charging?

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Fast charging has become a standard feature for smartphones, and they are equipped with fast charging, whether it is cheap or expensive. So fast charging can speed up the phone battery charging efficiency, but does it affect the battery? Since there are very few mobile phone manufacturers mentioned this issue, let’s talk about this topic.


Q: Does a fast phone charge affect the battery?

A: The answer is yes. Although fast charging can improve the charging efficiency of mobile phones, it also has an impact on battery life. As for why, here we will explain in detail, here is the answer first.

Q: Which is better for fast and slow charging?

A: If it is from the perspective of experience, fast-charging is better, and it will charge faster. But if you look at battery maintenance, it’s better to have a slow-charging for battery life.

At present, most companies that provide fast-charge solutions have not given their impact on battery life from the battery point of view. However, under the standard battery charge and discharge 500 times after the battery capacity is more than 80% are qualified.

Therefore, if you are accustomed to changing a mobile phone in one or two years, or are willing to replace a new battery, it is recommended that this part of the user prefer to consider fast-charging mobile phones and bring a better experience.

But if you want to use your mobile phone for 2-4 years, you can consider not supporting fast-charged mobile phones. In addition, when using fast charge, it is best not to run large memory games to avoid high temperatures affecting battery life.

The mainstream fast charging technologies of the former mobile phone applications are Qualcomm Quick Charge, MediaTek Pump Express, and OPPO VOOC. Qualcomm and MediaTek use high-voltage charging, while VOOC flash charging uses high-current charging.

Regarding the fast charge of mobile phones, it is mainly from the aspects of experience and battery to consider. So, will fast charge affect battery life?

First of all, we must understand the principle of charge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries, the battery has two poles: the positive electrode is a lithium compound, the negative electrode is graphite.

Charge and discharge are both the conversion of electrical energy and chemical energy, and they also become different compounds during the movement of lithium ions in the positive and negative electrodes.principle of charge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries


In an ideal state, as long as the chemical structure of the positive and negative electrode materials does not substantially change, the lithium ion battery can ensure long-time circulation.

Fast charge is mainly to ensure that lithium ions are rapidly embedded from the positive electrode and quickly inserted into the negative electrode, and lithium ions cannot be deposited.


However, when the current increases, a layer of SEI film on the surface of the electrode negative electrode (graphite) will be broken to some extent. The electrode material and the electrolyte react with each other. In addition, the temperature rise will also destroy the chemical substances on the battery, and the battery capacity will be continuously reduced.

principle of charge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries

In terms of security, because fast charging has a “handshake agreement”, it will coordinate the output voltage and current before charging. Lithium battery charging is divided into three parts: CC Pre-charge, CC Fast Charge, and Constant Voltage Charge (CV).
The battery voltage drops after the battery power is consumed. When the battery voltage is lower than a certain value, the charger uses a relatively low current to precharge the lithium battery. After a period of time, when the voltage of the lithium battery is higher than a predetermined value, it enters the second stage of constant-current charging with a large current. At this time, an appropriate increase of the current can speed up the charging speed.

The charging voltage and current for fast charging are in a safe state. As long as the original mobile phone charging adapter is used, it will not bring security risks.

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