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The Difference Between USB Data Cable and OTG Data Cable

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In daily life, we use a lot of electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, game consoles, digital cameras, etc. These products need to be charged. The micro USB data cable is the charging cable that we use most daily. USB data cable can not only charge, but also transfer data, connect mobile phone and computer with USB, access mobile phone files and pictures through computer, or download files and pictures from the computer to the mobile phone while charging the mobile phone. Is it very Convenient.


Speaking of transmitting data, of course, not only a USB data cable, but also the OTG data cable announced by the USB Implementers Forum in 2001 can also be connected between different electronic products or mobile devices for data exchange, which is more advantageous than data cable. Because the mobile devices we use are connected to the PC through the USB data cable, the data can be exchanged under the control of the PC. Once the PC is disconnected, the mobile device cannot perform the transfer operation because there is no device that can replace the host such as the PC.


The appearance of the OTG data cable changes the state in which the mobile device can only connect to the PC to exchange data. The OTG data line does not need to be connected to the PC, and the mobile devices are connected through the OTG data line, such as the mobile phone through the OTG data line and the U disk, the mouse, Keyboard, digital camera and other connections can directly access files, expand functions and data transmission. Connect U disk to view the data uploading and downloading files and pictures, connect the mouse and keyboard to play games and type, connect the digital camera to view pictures, upload and download pictures, It is easy to use when you leave the PC.

The difference between USB data cable and OTG data cable


When the mobile phone connects to the external device through OTG, the mobile phone needs to supply power to the external device. How does the mobile phone recognize the OTG data cable and the USB data cable? After disassembling the two wires, you will see that the 4th pin of the USB data cable is floating. The mobile phone chip should be inserted into the USB data cable or the OTG data cable through the 4th pin to determine whether to turn on the OTG power supply. The difference in hardware is that one end of the OTG line has a PIN connected to a GND ground line, so that the machine can distinguish which one is HOST, which is Device, The appearance is that it is impossible to distinguish the difference between the USB data cable or the OTG data cable.


The PIN at the USB data line interface is:


1.vbus(5v)2.GND 3.D+4.D-5.ID Pin is suspended

There are 4 wires in the USB cable, and the OTG data cable is only in the connector. The mobile phone and tablet are all connected to the normal USB data cable. The IDpin is suspended, so it operates in the client/peripheral mode. If the ID GND is grounded Drop, you will enter hostmode. Therefore, the difference between the USB data line and the OTG data line is that the USB data line requires the mobile device to connect to the PC to transmit data and consult data in a fixed environment, and the OTG data line can be connected to different mobile devices for data movement in a freely movable environment. Transmission and data review. The USB OTG standard adds power management (power saving) to the USB 2.0 standard. It allows the device to operate as both a host and a peripheral (a dual-purpose OTG) and provides some Host detection capability, supporting Host Command Protocol (HNP) and Session Request Protocol (SRP).

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