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Five common senses to buy a power adapter – power adapter supplier

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1. It is best to purchase the original power adapter, because the original power adapter is compatible with the device, which can better play the performance of the device.


2. Need to observe the nameplate before buying. It should include the rated voltage or rated voltage range, power supply characteristics, rated frequency or rated frequency range, rated current, manufacturer’s name or trademark, model, safety instructions, etc. The product body should be certified. Marking, and the logo is clear; the product should have regular packaging, good packaging and printing quality, and product-related information. When inspecting the product instruction manual, the installation, use, maintenance and repair methods of the product should be checked in detail, and there should be sufficient safety warnings and product after-sales service guidelines.


3. The power adapter pin and connector should be processed in a fine, smooth and non-corrosive manner. It should be noted that the power plug on the power adapter should conform to the national plug style. It should be a thin-plate pin. There should be no round holes on the pins, nor should it be cylindrical. The surface of the plastic parts of the power adapter housing is smooth and burr-free, uniform in color, and the seams of the outer casing should be tight. The power adapter itself should not be too light.


Five common senses to buy a power adapter


4. Before purchasing the power adapter, you need to know the basic information such as the parameters of the device, and select the power adapter that is compatible with the device. For example, the power adapter used in a notebook computer must confirm its voltage and current usage. The output voltage of the optional power adapter must be the same as the rated voltage of the notebook computer, and the output current should be higher than the nominal input current of the notebook computer. In order to ensure the normal operation of the laptop. In addition, it is not advisable to choose a power adapter with a loose socket or a tightly inserted socket.


5. The product has good performance, product safety and compatibility are related to whether the consumer can use the product safely. Therefore, when purchasing products, you should also pay attention to product safety and compatibility.


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