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Five Guarantees for Car Charger Safety – Car Charger Supplier

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1: The most important component choice – chip


The chip is the core of the car charger, like the heart, so the manufacturer’s choice of chip also needs to be very cautious. There are currently many chip solutions on the market. Good chip overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature control, function and other stability are higher.

As a manufacturer does not announce its chip solution, even if some products look very gorgeous, if the internal chip chooses a low-end solution, it will be a bad product.


2: Various certifications are required


The board is closely connected to the chip, and its importance is not as high as the chip, but it also requires a high standard of choice. If some electromagnetic radiation on the circuit board and the lead content is too high, which will affect the daily life of consumers.


Most of the car charging circuit board materials on the market are based on the international ROHS environmental protection certification standards. The circuit board that has passed the certification will reduce the radiation and chemical toxic substances released by the product to the level of human safety, so whether it passes the ROHS environmental protection. Certification is a standard that consumers need to pay attention to when purchasing.

In addition, the choice of wire, shell material, etc. also need to pass relevant certification, such as FCC / CE certification.


Five guarantees for car charger safety


3: Appearance structure volume is proportional to power


For example, the larger the volume of the car charger, the better the heat dissipation performance and the greater the power. In order to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of appearance, many manufacturers will choose to produce some mini-car chargers, which are far less heat-dissipating than large-sized car chargers. The only thing that can be done with such a compact car charger is to reduce the power, so the mini compact car charger usually sets 800mA, 1A, 1.5A current, so as to ensure heat dissipation and safety stability. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should understand the necessity of reasonable design of the external structure of the product when purchasing.


4: Internal safety accessories settings


Intelligent IC overcurrent protection


Currently being popularized is the smart IC chip, which can effectively control the overload or overheating of the car charger, and the performance of the product is more stable, which can effectively protect the battery life of the product.


Self-protecting fuse


The insurance tube that has been popular for a long time is popular among car charger manufacturers because of its low cost and large mass production demand. However, this type of insurance tube is extremely easy to burn out and cannot be used continuously. Therefore, the fuse is now improved, and the self-protecting fuse can effectively control the overload and overheating. Once the fault occurs, the power will be automatically cut off to protect the charging device inside the vehicle.


5: Use in a suitable environment


As an electronic product, the use of car chargers is inseparable from the use environment. The car charger equipment should be used as dry as possible to avoid use in wet conditions.

In addition, buyers should fully understand the car’s charge temperature and support current before use, try to use the best current at the right temperature. Most of the car in the market can withstand temperatures of 50 ° C – minus 20 ° C, the general car charger equipment input voltage is 12V – 24V, the market’s single USB charging port is generally set to a maximum of 2.4A.

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