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What are the functions of the mobile phone that can’t go back?

229 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-07-22

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Nowadays, the mobile phones have become more and more refined and powerful, and some functional designs have made us more and more inseparable. So what are the functions that you can’t live without?


Faster and faster charging


In terms of mobile phone charging, from the previous 5V/1A, 5V/2A to the recently achieved 10V/4A charging speed, and 10V/5A flash charging.

Although Apple and Huawei’s ultra-fast charging speed can’t be quickly popularized, if today’s mobile phones don’t have 18W power chargers, so they can’t be called “fast charge.” And once you get used to fast charging, and then back to 5V/1A, it is a torture. Our mobile phones are charging faster and faster. Ordinary charging can no longer go back

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Increasingly high screen ratio


Full-screen mobile phones, from 2017 to the present, the screen ratio is getting higher and higher. This year, the screen share of mobile phones has been leaping forward. From 82.9% of iphone x, 83.66% of Xiaomi 8, 84.06% of Samsung Galaxy S8, and 87.04% of OPPO Find X, it is almost the ultimate.

In the future, the flagship mobile phone, if the emerging folding screen can not arrive as scheduled, then the proportion of mobile phone screen is bound to become higher and higher. So what kind of height can the future mobile phone screen ratio achieve? Perhaps 100%.


Full-screen mobile phone


More and more cameras


Just look at the mobile phone rear camera, from the previous single camera, dual camera to Huawei’s three camera, the phone uses more and more cameras. According to the news, more and more mobile phones will use three cameras next year, and even some mobile phones will use five cameras.


With the development of the times, more and more people use dual cameras, three cameras or even five camera phones. If you still use a single camera, it is obviously behind. So whether you like it or not, the camera of the mobile phone is always developing, and the pixels will continue to improve.


wireless charging


More and more personalized features


Samsung’s IP68 advanced waterproof features. The iPhone’s fully wireless charging assumption. The iPhone’s designer revealed that the Apple phone may cancel the charging interface and achieve a fully wireless charging mode. Although this idea is very advanced, if it is realized, who wants to bring the data cable?

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