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Headphone wholesale manufacturers tell you the advantages of custom headphones

18 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2020-06-11

Custom earphone products are a kind of high-quality earphone products that are more in line with the needs of users. The earphones used in our lives are generally mass-produced, but although the performance of custom earphones is excellent, they are better than ordinary earphone products in terms of cost. Higher, the following Jinti custom earphone manufacturers will share the advantages of custom earphones for everyone?

1. Wearing comfort

Since the earphone shell is customized according to the shape of each ear, the wearing comfort is naturally the most comfortable. The shell of the custom earphone is generally a hard shell, which will completely fit the entire earphone. In order to obtain better sound insulation, the shell of the customized earphones is actually slightly larger than the contour of the ears, but this little bit does not affect the comfort of wearing. Generally, after an adaptation period of about a week, it can be completely Adapt to custom headphones.

And there will be no pain when wearing it for a long time, because the principle of wearing is different from traditional open headphones and in-ear headphones. The customized headphones are attached to the auricle, so there will be no squeezing for a long time. In the case of pressure, it will spread the pressure over the entire ear, and these forces are very small for the entire ear.

2. Sound insulation capacity

During a journey on a long-distance bus, I tested the sound insulation effect of a custom headset. When the music volume is higher than the maximum volume, I can hardly hear the sound of the car or the conversation of people around me. Immerse yourself in music. In terms of sound insulation, custom earphones are the same as in-ear headphones.

The sound insulation method of custom earphones is actually slightly different from that of in-ear earphones. In-ear earphones rely on adding a rubber plug to the ear canal, while custom earphones cover all the pinna including the entrance of the ear canal. Soundproofing, the soundproofing effect of these two methods is not much different. Even custom earphones can hear the sound of the outside world when there is no music, and when there is music, the basic outside sound is difficult to hear and distinguish.

The above is based on the premise that the custom earphones are made well. In fact, if the ear prints are not taken well, or the earphone shell is not made well, even the custom earphones will not be too comfortable to wear. Generally speaking, I just got my first pair of custom earphones, it will feel up when wearing it, and it will get better after about a period of adaptation. If you feel a prominent foreign body or still feel uncomfortable after a week, then It should be made again.

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