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How to install and use the car charger?

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How to install the car charger:


1. Insert the USB power adapter into the car cigarette lighter (usually one in the cab and one in the trunk), insert the plug, when the indicator light is on, it means charging. (Note that the car can be charged after the engine starts)

2. Use USB cable and adapter to connect the mobile phone, MP3 or standard USB interface products with the car USB power adapter for charging.

3, please check the power consumption specifications of digital products before use to avoid overload.

How to use the car charger:


1. In the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB car charger and output the DC voltage through the standard USB interface.

2. Voltage, current and other electronic design parameters are in full compliance with pda mobile phone standards and will not cause damage to your machine.

3. Connect the USB data cable to power and charge MP3/MP4, mobile phones, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products.

 install and use the car charger


Car charger installation method:


The car charger is very small and practical. It is very easy to install and use, as long as the car has a cigarette lighter socket. Car cigarette lighter socket as shown below: To charge mobile phones, navigators and other devices, simply unplug the cigarette lighter cigarette sign, use the charging cable to connect the device to be charged with the car charger, and then insert the car’s cigarette lighter Socket.

Car charger use matters needing attention:


1, the vehicle can not be charged when the flameout (at this time using the car battery)

2. It is forbidden to connect and charge when the vehicle ignition starts (to prevent the instantaneous high current burning out the equipment when starting)

3. Minimize the simultaneous charging of multiple devices and try to avoid charging large power devices (load is too large)

To remind everyone that the car charger must pay attention to more problems during use


1, start and then charge Note that after the engine starts, insert the device and then charge. When the car is ignited, the voltage is low, which can affect the charging effect and even damage the car charger.

2. Pay attention to the use of the environment. Do not use a car charger in thunderstorms. Do not use the car charger after the car wash. Humidity in the car is likely to cause corrosion and oxidation of components.

3, reduce the use of high power Do not power more than three devices at the same time, to prevent excessive power damage to the device.

4, pull out the plug in charger

When you purchase a car charger, you generally need to pay attention to the following points:


1, confirm the safety device: In addition to well-known brands, the owners should also understand whether the selected car charger shell flame retardant compliance, and whether there is over-current protection device. Generally, a car charger with a relatively small volume may not be installed with over-current protection, and it is necessary to avoid buying.

2, choose a well-known brand: owners in the purchase of car charger should try to choose well-known brands, regular manufacturers of products, although the price will be relatively high, but the quality will be more secure.

3. Do not pursue high current: When the current is too large or the interface is too much, the faults and dangerous conditions encountered may be even more, so when the car owner purchases the car charger, it is better not to blindly pursue high current, multiple interfaces and charging speed. . In addition, some car chargers currently on the market still have virtual voltage and current conditions. We must pay attention when buying and using.

4. Do not buy unprotected products: Do not buy products that are too low in price and do not buy or use unprotected products. Make sure that the product packaging is printed with production standards.

We only use the car charger correctly, and the service life of the product is longer. Therefore, for security, we must buy regular brands, buy genuine, poor quality products are vulnerable to security risks. When using it, be sure to follow the correct method.

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