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In winter, not only will we be plagued by cold, but also mobile phones. I do not know if you have had this kind of experience, mobile phone battery power is clearly enough in the room, but to the outdoors, in the moment of taking out the phone, actually prompts the power shortage automatically shut down. What is the reason for this?


Is this situation related to cell phone batteries?


Zhou Hongzhi, an associate professor and popular science expert at the School of Applied Mathematics and Physics of Beijing University of Technology, said that the automatic shut-down of a battery due to low temperature is related to the working principle of a mobile phone battery. “If you want to measure the battery power, you need to measure the voltage and current, cell phone batteries are chemical batteries, chemical batteries need a certain temperature conditions in order to chemical reactions. Too low a temperature will cause the chemical reaction to slow or even stop, the current can not be provided, the phone naturally Will be prompted for no electricity.” Zhou Hongzhi explained in detail.

However, Zhou Hongzhi reminded that in this case, the battery will return to normal after the phone is hot.


cell phone battery


What is the reason for the automatic shutdown when the phone is too hot?


According to Zhou Hongzhi’s introduction, the mobile phone shuts off automatically at high temperatures because its line alarm system is activated. In the mobile phone line security protection system, temperature sensing is one of the protection methods. No matter whether it is charging, power consumption, or failure, or the external environment causes high temperature, the battery will stop working.


How to protect mobile phone battery?


Many years ago, people used to charge new electronic products for 12 hours. Maximize battery performance. Zhou Hongzhi explained that this was because nickel-metal hydride batteries were commonly used at the time. Such batteries required a 12-hour activation period. Nowadays, mobile phone batteries are mostly lithium-ion batteries. Lithium ions are already active and therefore do not need to be activated again.


Regarding how to protect mobile phone battery, Zhou Hongzhi suggested that charging should start when the mobile phone has 50% power remaining, low battery charge is detrimental to the battery life of mobile phones. Exhausting the power will reduce the reactivity of the battery’s chemical reaction and consume lithium ions.

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