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HTC Phone Battery is Important To Develop Good Electricity Habits

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Now most of the smartphone is the built-in battery, cannot be replaced, so the maintenance of the phone battery is particularly important, the following I teach you some tips:

1. To develop good habits, do not wait until completely no electricity and then charge, do not have a long time continuous overcharge and so on. Lithium-ion like shallow shallow charge. Of course, HTC phone battery an ordinary user, it is very difficult to always remember when the power is turned on or off the software.

2. “fast charge” stage is completed, in fact, just finished charging about 80%, the battery there is a lot of charging space; In fact, lithium-ion battery “continuous charging” and “trickle charge” two processes, you can With third-party battery management software to monitor the battery charge status, HTC phone battery is at a critical moment to play a greater role

3. In fact, usually to develop a good habit of electricity, some unnecessary software can also save power in a timely manner, for example, in the absence of a network of WiFi, HTC phone battery Bluetooth and other devices can also allow the standby time.

4. Very often, until the phone prompts low power, the power is often quite low. If you continue to use, likely to cause excessive discharge, HTC phone battery the battery life has a great impact. When the power is low, switch the power saving mode.

HTC Phone Battery

5. Almost all mobile phones currently use lithium-ion battery, no memory effect, there is no need to charge 12 hours. Lithium-ion battery overcharge and discharge will cause permanent damage to the battery positive and negative. Excessive charge so that too much lithium ions embedded in the negative carbon structure, HTC phone battery which caused some of the lithium ions can no longer be released, shorten the battery life, but also there are security risks.

6. Mobile phone charging the whole process, including fast charging, continuous charging, HTC phone battery trickle charge three stages. After the first two stages, although the system power shows 100%, but in fact, the battery did not really reach saturation. At this point the remaining capacity can only rely on a small pulse current supplement, this stage usually takes 30-40 minutes. All three stages to complete, the battery can really reach the power of a good state of saturation.

7. In order to prevent the user overcharge caused by accidents, mobile phone batteries are used to overcharge protection circuit design, that is, after the completion of charging will automatically terminate the charging process. But the battery will start the process of self-discharge, resulting in power-down; power down to a certain extent and then start charging again, continue to discharge – charging cycle. However, HTC phone battery for a long time in a high state, the battery will have a negative effect and lead to crystal precipitation attached, not only shorten the battery life, but also there are security risks.

8 mobile phone while charging the use of other acts on the phone, people and batteries will cause harm. Because the battery when the battery voltage is higher than standby, if the simultaneous call and other operations, in the call or connect the network instantaneous voltage will be more than usual times, HTC phone battery resulting in mobile phone failure; secondly, when the phone Radiation is also higher than usual.

HTC Phone Battery

9 When charging, try to use your phone as much as possible. In addition, lithium-ion batteries do not need to worry about many times to interrupt the charge, so you need to call or play the game, you can disconnect the power. Normal use can be, but still, do not change the environment in the case of poor charging, HTC phone battery unstable voltage will cause damage to the battery.

10 lithium battery does not have memory, and like shallow shallow release, can be used with the charge. But if in the case of unwilling, always cannot be full of batteries, it is likely that the charger or the battery itself is a problem, it is recommended to repair or replacement in time to avoid danger.

11 Although the iPad’s charger can be compatible with iPhone, but it is best not to mix. After all, the iPad’s charging adapter can provide relatively large power, HTC phone battery in extreme cases, may cause damage to the phone battery.

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