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How to identify the original Apple mobile phone accessories

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 This article is about how to identify the original Apple mobile phone accessories


Apple purchased a number of original iPhone chargers and cables on Amazon. After testing, it found that 90% were fake.At present, these products have all been removed, and Apple has sued the company.To everyone summed up a few ways to identify the authenticity of iPhone accessories, when you buy a new machine, second-hand, and single-buy accessories can help you.  

  original Phone charger     original Phone charger

Phone charger:In the USB interface, the genuine charger is very delicate, the USB data line interface of the original charger is very smooth, and the contact color on the USB interface is bright. And within the USB interface, you can also see the relevant number. The imitation goods in the plastic part of the more sloppy, there are obvious burrs appear, the contacts are dull, the serial number is blurred.In terms of fonts, the original charger fonts are rounded, the characters are lighter in color, and the one-dollar product is darker in color, and the printing is not uniform. The $2 product font is darker, thicker, and darker in color.

Lightning USB cable Lightning USB cable

Lightning USB cable: Apple added a test after iOS 7. When the data cable is connected to the iPhone, the system will automatically detect whether the accessories have passed the official MFi certification of Apple. If there is no authorized or imitation phone accessories, it will not be able to complete the charging.

The charging current of the original data line can reach 1A, while the charging current of the dummy data line generally does not reach 1A. This is the most professional method of identification, but it requires special equipment. It is not worthwhile to purchase equipment for a data cable. The most applicable and fastest method of identification is the magnet identification method, which requires only finding a magnet and then adsorbing the metal shell of the data cable USB plug. If there is no sense of adsorption, then the data cable is generally the original, and if there is a strong sense of metal adsorption, then it is not original. The principle of this approach is very simple because in order to save the cost of the generic manufacturers, the data line interface will use cheap metal iron.

EarPods: the general public can identify according to the appearance and quality of EarPods headphones. The original EarPods headphones are very refined, without glitches, and the headphone cord is soft and non-slip, while the quality of the fake headphones is very rough, and the headphone cord is also smooth and has a shiny and hard feeling.

lightning            original lightning

Lightning : First: LOGO. Many manufacturers have printed LOGO. Second: material. Can be observed by strong light irradiation, the light transmittance of fake goods is much stronger than original lightning, original lightning are barely translucent under strong light, and fake goods are almost half transparent because of cutting corners.

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