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How to identify the accessories for iPhone

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iPhone sales, the price is relatively transparent, so the business profit margins are limited, this time, many businesses in order to reduce the price to attract customers, iPhone Accessories often in the accessories on the move their minds, such as packaging comes with the original parts replacement Into counterfeit accessories. And the purchase of accessories alone, this situation is more common.

Another point we can also pay attention, is the printing of fineness, Apple’s printing color is relatively light, but it is very clear, I believe from the bottom of the fourth original line and the remaining three contrast is easy to see out. Not just the data line on the font,Accessories For iPhone other accessories printed on the description of the font, as well.

The end of the data cable to connect the location of the USB plug, the original line in the state of natural flat is no gap, more or less there will be fake.

USB interface below the middle of the location, there will be a small metal seams, as shown below position, careful observation, the first original accessories almost no gap, and smooth processing, the second counterfeit accessories are significantly larger gap, Third, the fourth is raised;

iphone accessories identify


Now turn the data line over and look at the connection to the iPhone Lighting interface.

Connected to the phone’s metal contacts on the plug, the original line of processing is very smooth, and fake line of metal contacts will protrude,Accessories For iPhone this is difficult to see with the naked eye, but you can use the nails in the above pull out, the feeling is still very obvious.

Or connect the phone’s plug, the side has a small metal groove, the original line processing is very smooth, and fake out will be relatively rough.

Speaking of power, first talk about our commonly used national and US version, as shown below, the country is no holes, the US version is a hole, the two can be universal, we can rest assured that use.

Identify the authenticity of the power supply, the most intuitive The easiest way to look at the printing body, the color is lighter, but the font is clear, Apple’s printing style has always been the case.

There is also a printed on the power of the font, that is, the internal USB interface, where the original serial number can be printed by the number of bits and the positive and negative direction to distinguish, but with the increasingly sophisticated technology,Accessories For iPhone now seemingly only through The font. Release the original accessories and three kinds of counterfeit accessories here printing, we compare the next bar.

In the power USB interface measured on both sides, respectively, resistance and black shielding, the current counterfeit power has not imitated the details. But because the USB port of the closed beta, it is impossible to shoot, here we give you a place to mark it.

Original power to do solid work, repeated numerous hammer to open, the circuit board occupies the internal size is just right. As for the counterfeit Well, a hammer to open the flowers, in order to ensure the weight also added a heavier block, the board size is too small,Accessories For iPhone so gently pull along the copper, which accessories were pulled out, this phenomenon In the final analysis or to save money, can be considered expected.

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