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The importance of Apple MFi certification

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Apple’s MFi certification is called Made for iOS, which is an authorization logo for phone accessories manufacturers.

In order to protect Apple’s brand image, the licensed product must pass multiple tests. No matter how product design, product quality, product compatibility, and MFi Apple certified accessories, it provides more reliable protection than other non-certified accessories in quality assurance.

We can see this “Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod” logo on some well-known third-party accessories manufacturers’ products (such as: Lightning USB cable, charger, phone headset, interface converter, etc.). And this is that the manufacturer passed the Apple MFi certification test, which was officially authorized to develop or produce labels.Apple MFi certification

The difference between MFi certification and non-MFi certified products

For users, the biggest difference between MFi certified products and non-MFi certified products should be security.

In order to ensure the security of the wire itself and the mobile phone, Apple requires that all MFi-certified products must use a metal shell reinforcement structure, and Apple’s MFi chip and iOS power management chip to form a complete set of charging solutions.

Its function is to control the voltage and current transmission of the power supply, and to perform the charge rate according to the official standard, so as to avoid damage to the device due to excessive voltage or current. When the power adapter’s output voltage is abnormal, the data line chip will automatically cut off the output.Apple MFi certification

For the problems that may be encountered with “non-MFi certified products”, Apple officials stated four common examples:
iOS devices may be damaged.
The cable may be easily damaged.
The connector end may come off, or it may not be properly connected to the device.
It may not be possible to synchronize or charge the device.
The user caused damage to the device caused by using non-MFi certified accessories. Apple officials stated that they did not provide warranty service.

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