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iPhone 12Pro concept map – The strongest 5G phone

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iPhone12Pro and Huawei Mate 40Pro are the two most anticipated phones, and the processors are manufactured by TSMC. Only these two phones use 5nm process technology phones, so they definitely have a good performance. iPhone12Pro is likely to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 baseband, while Huawei Mate 40Pro integrates 5G baseband, and power consumption may be lower. In terms of face value, I also look forward to using 3D face recognition to unlock, so this year’s competition will continue. The media is the first to explode the iPhone 12 Pro concept map, let’s feel it.


iPhone12 Pro concept map


Improving the screen is the biggest expectation of fans for iPhone12Pro. This iPhone12Pro uses the most advanced off-screen lens and off-screen 3D face recognition. Because the space for the components is relatively large, the iPhone 12Pro body is thicker, close to 9 mm. 5G components will also occupy a certain amount of space, and the larger the battery capacity will also make the fuselage thicker. However, the screen thickness may become thinner, and the internal and external screens are fused together, requiring the lens to penetrate the screen more easily. Realized a true full screen, black borders became narrower, making iPhone12 more beautiful.


This is definitely the most handsome iPhone. The appearance has improved so much. The screen ratio is almost 100%. At the same time, the screen also has 2K resolution, 120Hz screen refresh rate, but can only be achieved at 1080P resolution, which is actually the same as Samsung S20Ultra. The screen has been upgraded on such a large scale to catch up with the development of Android phones. Today’s high refresh rate has almost become the standard for flagship phones. When the iPhone 12 battery capacity becomes larger, the battery life is improved, so it can meet the screen power consumption.


iPhone12 Pro concept map


The lens is definitely the biggest highlight of the iPhone12Pro. Following the upgrade of the iPhone11 three lenses last year, this phone will be equipped with four lenses. The fourth 3D Tof lens will also feature mysterious exclusive features. Make the iPhone12Pro 3D modeling in AR application more accurate and fast, and when taking photos, it can have better endurance background effect. At the same time, users can also directly blur some scenes in photos according to their needs. The camera function makes iPhone12Pro a big step. At the same time, the main lens has 64 million pixels and the ultra-wide-angle lens has 40 million pixels.



iPhone12Pro is actually the most powerful processor, the first 5 nanometer process technology, A14 processor or 30% increase in performance compared to A13 processor, reducing power consumption by 40%. The Kirin 1020 5G processor in Huawei Mate40Pro is also a 5 nanometer process, which will be mass-produced at the same time as the A14. Both phones will support 5G, and the performance improvements will be very large. They will directly compete for the strongest 5G phones of the year. However, the iPhone 12 plug-in 5G may be slightly weaker. After all, Huawei is stronger in the 5G field and has leading technology.

iPhone12 Pro concept map - The strongest 5G phone


Huawei Mate40Pro is definitely the most powerful rival of iPhone12Pro, but the advantages of both phones are also very obvious. Although this iPhone 12Pro is a concept machine, its performance must not be ignored. If a true full screen and 3D Tof lens are realized, it will definitely be the classic model of the year.

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