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iPhone 14: Everything we know about Apple’s new 2022 flagship

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The iPhone 14 is expected to follow its usual launch cycle and get released at a fall event later this year. But just like every year, there has been a steady trickle of rumours and leaks that give us an idea of what to expect with the new device. While not all leaks turn out to be true once a device is revealed, they do reveal interesting insights into the device. Here, we have put together some of these from sources that have previously proven to be reliable so that you can imagine what the next generation of the iPhone could be like.

Apple iPhone Max instead of an iPhone mini

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple could axe the mini version of the iPhone in favour of a Max-sized model. But just like in previous years, Apple will continue to launch four models: a regular-sized model, two “Pro” models and a new “iPhone 14 Max”. This could mean that the iPhone 13 mini is the last mini “model” the company makes.

A complete redesign for the iPhone 14

Unlike the iPhone 13 series, which featured a very small design update over the previous generation, the iPhone 14 series is  expected to come with a “complete redesign”,, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had claimed that the iPhone 14 series could do away with the phone’s now-iconic notch that the company first introduced in the Iphone X in 2017. Kuo speculates that the iPhone 14 Pro would be the first iPhone to have a hole-punch camera cutout for the front camera instead of a notch.

In September last year, ahead of the launch of the iPhone 13, Apple leaker Jon Prosser had released renders of what he claimed the iPhone 14 would look like. The rumoured design looked like a supersized iPhone 4 with flush rear cameras, a thicker chassis and Titanium sidebands.

A16 chip not for all phones in iPhone 14 series

A report from iDrop news had highlighted how Apple was struggling to manufacture A16 and M2 chips. Both these chips are created using TSMC’s 4nm process but the report suggests that Apple wants to focus more on M2 chips and therefore only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max Pro will continue to use the A15 chip. Apple will reportedly slightly modify the A15 chip and rebrand it as an A16 chip for the other phones in order to avoid criticism.

Apple iPhone 14 displays

The base and Pro variants are with a 2532×1170 resolution. The Max and Pro Max could come with 6.68-inch screens with a 2778×1284 resolution. Only the Pro Max is expected to come with an LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display. All but the base model will come with displays that support a 120 Hz refresh rate. The base variant will come with a 60 Hz LTPS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) display.

A new camera system and 8k video recording

Apple analyst Kuo also believes that Apple will switch to a 48MP primary sensor instead of the 12MP it has been limited to for a few generations. This could mean that the new phones could take advantage of pixel binning, where multiple pixels are grouped together to work as one for better low-light performance and details.

A new 48MP sensor could also mean that the iPhone 14 series could be the first to feature 8k video recording, a feature that Samsung flagship Galaxy phones have had since the S20 in 2020. This wasn’t previously possible for Apple phones because recording in 8k requires at least a 33.2MP sensor.

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