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Why iphone battery life is short? – wholesale iphone battery

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Whenever Apple is going to launch a new iPhone, we are always looking forward to its cell phone battery life. Although Apple is improving every aspect of the iPhone’s battery life every year, it still cannot To meet the needs of users, we all hope to use the iPhone in two or three days without charging, instead of charging every day.


However, a lithium battery expert said that no matter how Apple tries to increase the capacity of iPhone batteries, it will not be able to defeat the speed at which we consume electricity.


First of all, experts pointed out that the cell phone battery life is rapidly increasing every year. The problem is that while the battery life is improved, the functions of our smartphones are also constantly improving.

why iphone battery life is short


With the advancement of batteries, smart phone manufacturers will certainly want to add more features to their products. Strand said. “The bigger screen, more gorgeous display effect, more applications, and the touch screen function becomes more and more cumbersome. These functions and configurations share the battery life of our mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and the battery continues to improve, but The iPhone has also become more and more powerful. A balance has been reached between the two.


In essence, the iPhone’s battery technology has been improving, so this year’s iPhone 9 or the battery life of the iPhone 9s will increase again. Will we be able to charge it once every two or three days? Or don’t be too naive. Don’t forget that by the time we may have entered the 5G era, there may be more new features waiting for us.


Replace a new type of battery? It is reported that Apple has long studied the type of battery that the iPhone can choose, including the use of clean energy batteries, but these batteries have some serious shortcomings.
Of course, Apple can place a large lithium battery on the iPhone. However, with such a heavy iPhone, are you sure you want it?


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