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iPhone X detailed material cost: Apple is very dependent on Korean suppliers

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The iPhone X has been released for more than a year and it has been a very popular flagship machine. The Korean media has said that this mobile phone cannot be born without the support of domestic technology companies, so Korean netizens generally believe that this new machine should be “made in Korea.”

Now, this full-screen new machine has been released, and when the Korean media once again analyzed the supplier of this mobile phone parts, it was really shocked because they did provide a lot of support in the supply.


First, the most expensive component of the iPhone X is the screen (5.8-inch OLED), which is exclusively provided by Samsung, and the 3D sensor module is provided by LG. These two companies offer more than that, MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor), RFPCB (printed circuit board combined with OLED screen), DDIC (display driver integrated circuit) are also provided by Samsung.

iPhone X detailed material cost


LG’s support for iPhone X is also very large, such as the 3D sensor module and mobile battery supply(Samsung SDI also has an order), Two-metal COF screen components (supplied by Stemco, LG Innotec), and OLED screen Materials used, such as Samsung SDI and Duksan Neolux, supply phosphorescent green and phosphorescent red materials, respectively.


In addition, iPhone X’s memory and flash memory supply are also the main supply of Samsung. You can see that Apple relies heavily on Korean manufacturers on iPhone X. Of course, these Korean companies also provide high-end components, so It is not easy for status to be replaced.


It is worth mentioning that from the detailed cost of iPhone X, you can also see that Korean companies account for a considerable proportion, and the material cost of this phone is 400 US dollars, and its selling price is 999 US dollars.


The most expensive material is the 5.8-inch Samsung custom OLED screen, which has reached $80, while the double-sided glass + stainless steel middle frame is down to $53, while the new A11 processor is joined by the neural network engine. New technologies have also led to a slight increase in costs, reaching $26.


In addition, the iPhone X has a touch cost of $15, a baseband RF cost of $18 (still a Qualcomm+Intel supplier), an RF antenna cost of $5, a wireless cost of $8.75, and a PA cost of $8. The 3D camera costs $25, the analog device costs $9.5, the audio decoder costs $2.50, the camera cost $33, the battery cost $9, the wireless charging receiver costs $6, and the PCB cost $15. The acoustic cost is $12, the Haptics cost is $10, and the cost of other accessories is $8.


Another big expense on iPhone X materials is DRAM and NAND (256GB versions, suppliers are Toshiba, Hynix and Micron), which cost $24 and $45, respectively. In fact, the cost of iPhone X is mainly concentrated in OLED panels, glass casings, 3D cameras, and wireless charging.

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