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Lithium battery charging knowledge – phone battery supplier

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1. Before the lithium battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer has activated the treatment and pre-charged it, so the new lithium battery bought will have residual electricity. However, lithium batteries should not be idle for a long time. Once the voltage is too low, it will have an impact on the life of lithium batteries.


2, some information that lithium ions in the first 3-5 times, charging time should be longer than 14 hours, the reason is to fully activate the activity of lithium ions. In fact, this is not based on the fact that the current lithium-ion battery does not require the customer to activate itself, so it does not have to be charged for a long time. However, lithium batteries have no memory effect, but are easily damaged after excessive discharge.


3. Before charging, the lithium battery does not need to be specially discharged. If it is improperly discharged, it will damage the battery. When charging, try to charge slowly, reduce the fast charging mode, too high charging current is harmful to the life of the lithium battery.


Lithium battery charging knowledge


4. lithium battery life depends on the number of charge and discharge, so there is a saying is to try to avoid charging when the battery has surplus power, it is said that this will shorten the battery life. In fact, there is a misunderstanding here. The so-called charging frequency does not mean that the charger is inserted once and once, but refers to a discharge cycle; so if only 10% capacity is used each time, then it is repeated 10 times to calculate a discharge cycle.


5. please use the original phone charger, lithium battery to use lithium battery special charger, and follow the instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery, and even dangerous. If the lithium battery is overheated, the probability of explosion is much higher than other types of rechargeable batteries. In addition, it is best not to have flammable materials near the battery and charger during charging, such as newspapers and magazines.


6. Lithium batteries have self-discharge phenomenon. When not in use, the battery will discharge according to the remaining capacity of 0.2%-0.3% per day. When charging the battery, try to use a dedicated socket. Do not share the charger with a home appliance such as a TV.


7. Does charging affect the life during startup? In fact, there is no impact, and there is no problem that a qualified product has a large current to burn the battery.


8. Keep the battery in a safe place and try not to let the battery get wet or dirty.

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