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How long does the iPhone 6 replace with a new battery? – iPhone 6 OEM battery

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At present, if the iPhone 6 upgrades the ios12 system, the operation is still relatively smooth, but the problem of power consumption also appears! At present, the latest system of the iPhone is the ios12.0.1 system. Although it is a bug fix for XS and XS Max, many users say that the problem of power consumption and the problem of fever are solved! Although the iPhone 6 will still be stuck, it is much smoother than before! And if you just call, watch videos, chat, etc., then you can use the battery for two years, or even longer.


The average life of an Apple phone is 3-5 years, and the iPhone 6 released in 14 years is now 5 years away! However, the time of purchase is different, so as long as you usually cherish the mobile phone, the requirements for the mobile phone are not high, you can use it. Of course, many users’ systems are still at 10.3.3, and some apps are not updated or can’t be used. But for the time being, you can not upgrade the ios12 system now, because Apple has already closed the ios11.4.1 verification channel, and can’t go back after the upgrade!

iphone 6 oem battery

In December 2014, I purchased the iPhone6 64G. This phone gave me the first impression that the system is very smooth. The original iPhone6 battery is really durable. I remember very clearly that it consumes 8%-9% of electricity per hour. However, because of my own charging habits, the battery of this mobile phone was really used up by me. About a year, the mobile phone battery has begun to run out, the standby time is short, and the power consumption is fast. So I replaced the original battery. After using it for three months, the mobile phone battery showed its original situation.


Correct charging is also a good way to prevent battery loss, such as charging the original charger, charging at any time, do not wait until 20% or less to charge. I usually charge less than 50%, and the phone will charge when not in use, but be sure to avoid overcharging. (How to protect mobile phone battery)


Later, I bought the Scud battery online and replaced it myself. Started to perform well. But a few months later, the situation began to appear again. Until recently, because of the update of iOS12, I went to Apple to replace the original battery after sale. Therefore, the original iPhone 6 battery, if normal, use two years is no problem. The high-copy iPhone 6 battery can be used for about 3 months.


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