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5 major factors affect the cycle performance of lithium-ion battery

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The battery we pay most attention to is the lithium-ion battery, because the battery of the mobile phone, pad, and notebook is a lithium-ion battery, and its battery life has always been the focus of attention. Cyclic performance is very important for lithium-ion batteries. Longer cycle life means less resource consumption. Therefore, factors affecting the cycle performance of lithium-ion batteries are issues that have to be considered.


1, Moisture

Excessive moisture can cause side reactions with the positive and negative materials, destroying its structure and affecting the cycle, and too much moisture is also detrimental to the formation of the SEI film.


2, Positive and negative compaction

The positive and negative compaction is too high, although the energy density of the cell can be increased, but the cycle performance of the material is also reduced to a certain extent. From the theoretical analysis, the greater the compaction, the greater the structural damage to the material, and The structure of the material is the basis for ensuring that the lithium ion battery can be recycled; In addition, it is difficult to ensure a high fluid retention for the cell with a high positive and negative compaction, and the fluid retention is the basis for the normal cycle of the cell.


factors affect the cycle performance of lithium-ion battery


3. Objective conditions of testing

The external factors such as the cut-off voltage, charge cut-off current, overcharge and over discharge, temperature in the test room, sudden interruption in the test process, and contact internal resistance of the test point and the battery during the test process will affect the cycle performance test results. In addition, different materials vary in sensitivity


4.The amount of electrolyte

There are three main reasons for the lack of electrolyte solution. The first is that the amount of liquid injection is insufficient. The second is that the positive and negative electrodes are not fully immersed due to high compaction. The third is that the electrolyte inside the circulating core is consumed. If the electrolyte is sufficient before the cycle and the electrolyte has been consumed after the cycle, increasing the electrolyte retention can improve the cycle performance.


5. Material types

The choice of materials is the first factor affecting the performance of lithium-ion batteries. If you choose a material with poor cycle performance. The cycle of the battery is not guaranteed In the design of the battery core, if one pole confirms that the material with poor cycle performance is selected, the other pole does not need to select a material with better cycle performance because it is too wasteful.


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