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Mobile Battery For Huawei The Future Of The Arrival Of A Better Energy Era

43 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-05-05

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Mobile Battery For Huawei in the conference site to show two fast rechargeable battery experimental video: a capacity of 600mAh limit fast charge battery, only 2 minutes to charge 68% of the electricity. The other is 3000mAh fast rechargeable battery, the energy density of more than 620Wh / L, 5 minutes into 48% of the electricity, in the Mobile Battery For Huawei mobile phone can call 10 hours. These test data are very reproducible, battery life has also passed the Mobile Battery For Huawei terminal test requirements.

Mobile Battery For Huawei disclosed that its rapid charge technology breakthrough is the use of a new molecular structure of the anode material, that is, by introducing the heteroatom to change the negative molecular structure of the graphite, it has a physical / chemical dual lithium storage function, the battery charging speed to qualitative leap , While its energy density and service life will not be affected.

Mobile Battery For Huawei’s quick battery breakthrough will give mobile phones, electric cars, mobile power, wear-oriented equipment to bring innovation – consumers only need to use the wash, tea, coffee time, you can let the frequent emergency phone battery to re-fill vitality. Those who need to go out, no longer have to face about 10% of the amount of mobile phone dilemma.

Mobile Battery For Huawei Watts laboratory is committed to the new energy storage technology research, hope that users at any time, any place, can have enough energy to enjoy the information technology to bring the convenience of life. At the same time, also hope to join hands with industry organizations to promote the development of technology to speed up the future of the arrival of a better energy era.

What is the most annoying thing with the phone? For hi brother, this is definitely charging, especially when we want to go out, but found that mobile phone power has been exhausted, want to come back to charge, and very much delay time. But if you use the Mobile Battery For Huawei mobile phone, as long as the open Mobile Battery For Huawei mobile phone 2 features, charging speed Cengceng, and very little electricity is enough.Mobile Battery For Huawei

1, ROG power saving function

There are some mobile phone screen resolution is relatively high, so it is more power, but in Mobile Battery For Huawei mobile phone has such a function can be controlled, open the “phone housekeeper” – battery management – open ROG power saving mode (the new system has a Reduce the resolution of power), open this feature, you can reduce the CPU workload, improve the charging speed, and reduce the resolution can save power.

2, speed charging

If you are anxious to go out, then try the super power function, in addition to short messages and so will not open, the most power, but also to prevent others can not contact you. Or you can choose to clean up the phone lock screen application, open the high power reminder, abnormal power to clean up the two settings, so that both power, but also play what the WeChat.

Completely panic! At this moment, just because the battery a large area of the explosion, almost destroyed the entire empire of Samsung, and then was a fatal blow! That also because of a large area of battery shutdown, but no solution to the apple, once again shame!

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