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How do mobile phone accessories get Disney’s authorized certification?

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DISNEY’s anime image, I think everyone is familiar with it, DISNEY’s anime image, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, everyone is familiar.
And what are the problems that this LOGO and cartoon design may face on the product?


First, DISNEY itself does not participate in the sale, but sells the license to the retailer.
For example, a Brazilian customer who purchased a phone accessories in DISNEY stationery and a sales authorization in Brazil, they are eligible to sell DISNEY LOGO products in Brazil. This sales authorization is very clear, and the sales authorization is that customers spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to buy from DISNEY. So, DISNEY is making this money.

mobile phone accessories get Disney's authorized certification

Secondly, the Licensee customer in Brazil has a sales authorization, but it is not acceptable for him to have no factory production. Then they may find a factory in China to discuss cooperation, which is not acceptable. Because the factory needs to have DISNEY’s production authorization, it is commonly known as FAMA (Facility And Merchandise Authorization). With the FAMA, the factory can start producing DISNEY products, and the DISNEY logo can be printed and shipped at the customs.
In the past two years, I met some factories and found that DISNEY’s products were detained by the customs when they were shipped. The reason is because the factory does not have FAMA and cannot be filed in the customs, which can’t be proveed to be a formal authorized DISNEY product. It’s too late to make up for it at this time.


How does the factory get FAMA? How do you get a production license?


DISNEY may entrust a third-party company such as SGS and BV to audit the factory according to its own inspection requirements, namely IIS audit, SA8000 audit and other projects. The main thing is whether the factory has met some questions, such as whether the factory has forced workers to go to work, whether wages have been paid on time, whether insurance has been paid, whether workers have been forced to work overtime, and whether there is a production environment that guarantees the safety of employees.
The DISNEY audit requires the customer (Licensee) to apply to the final DISNEY. For example, the Brazilian customer contact DISNEY, saying that I plan to use the factory below, then DISNEY will give the FAMA application form and arrange the inspection related matters. After undergoing the DISNEY audit and meeting DISNEY’s requirements, FAMA will provide Licensee to the factory and the factory will begin production and shipment.

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