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Is it necessary to use the original phone charger for charging the mobile phone?

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We’ve already heard that charging uses original mobile phone chargers, which is safer and faster. Is that right? In general, it is correct in some respects.

Why is it correct in some respects? Is this sentence still wrong? Yes, this sentence is not entirely correct. In fact, in addition to some counterfeit products on the market, the original wire and charging head is not the best.

The original  phone charger is not necessarily the fastest


The original mobile phone charger are all in line with specifications, safe, The original phone charger speed can only meet your normal needs, but if you want to get faster-charging speeds, the official charging heads generally cannot. In addition to fast charging technology as the selling point of the company, they will provide the best fast charging technology.

What are the advantages of the original phone charger?


Safe and responsible. As a mobile phone manufacturer, the original factory will understand the most suitable specification more clearly than the accessory factory. Although it will save a little, it can always ensure the saving under the premise of safety. In addition, if something happens when the mobile phone is charged, the mobile phone manufacturer must be responsible.

What will happen if you charge without using the original phone charger?


It is easy to damage the cell phone battery;
Can easily cause the phone to explode and so on;
It is easy to damage the phone

The original phone charger is a product that considers a lot of factors. Although it will compromise some issues, it is much cheaper than the price of the mobile phone. If the accessory damages the company’s reputation, it will cause the company to lose more. Interests. Therefore, the original product represents the company’s image and is trustworthy.

If you are pursuing charging speed, wire quality, even appearance, those companies that are more famous, they can provide you with the perfect experience, of course, the highest price.
If you stick to the original phone charger stability, do not pursue charging speed, firmly believe that the original phone charger is the best, the original line, charging head is best.

In the end, don’t buy any inferior branded goods without any brands. They are the biggest enemy of your mobile phone.

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