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In addition to Apple original charger, what other charging heads support iPhone fast charge?

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In September, the latest iPhone mobile phone was officially released for sale. Many wireless chargers and PD charger wholesale manufacturers have already got the new iPhone, and have conducted a series of product compatibility tests in the first time.


From last year’s iPhone 8/8 plus to iPhoneX/XS/XR. Apple has added wireless charging technology, and it has introduced USB PD fast charging. This has given the phone a major upgrade in terms of charging, and the user experience is much better. Thanks to the wireless charging and USB PD fast charging, it also brings many opportunities to wireless charger manufacturers, USB PD charger manufacturers and related companies.


As can be seen from the technical specifications of Apple’s official website, the iPhone 8/8 plus/iPhoneX/XS/XR supports fast charging and can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes. But the original iPhone charger charging power is still the previous 5w charger.


By testing the iPhone 8 Plus, when the iPhone 8 Plus is 44% charged, it uses Apple’s official 29W PD charger to charge up to 15W, supporting the USB PD fast charge protocol.


This proves that Apple’s official website “support fast charge” is actually supporting USB PD charging. In the face of expensive official USB PD accessories, many users definitely prefer third-party PD accessories. So, what is the compatibility of the iPhone 8 Plus with many USB PD chargers?


A total of 12 USB PD chargers were tested. This test uses Apple’s official 2m double-head Type-C line, Apple’s official Type-C to lightning line, test tool for POWER-Z FL001, test environment for room temperature 26 ° C, mobile phone remaining power between 30% and 60% . Let’s look at the specific test data.


Apple 29W charger

Apple 29W charger, 14.7V/1.01A, power is about 14.92W.


Apple 65W charger

Apple 65W charger, 8.9V/1.65A, power is about 14.75W.


Apple 87W charger

Apple 87W charger, 8.85V/1.66A, power is about 14.7W.

It can be seen that the charging power of the three original Apple chargers is not much different, and it is fine to buy any one.


The Dell 30W charger

The Dell 30W charger, 4.87V/1.73A, has a power of approximately 8.42W and does not support USB PD charging.


Dell 45W charger

Dell 45W charger, 5.08V/2.15A, power 10.9W, does not support USB PD charging.


Dell 65W charger

Dell 65W charger, 9.04V/1.65A, power 14.95W, almost the same as Apple original.


Dell 90W charger

Dell 90W charger, 9.02V/1.68A, power 15.2W.


Lenovo 45W charger

Lenovo 45W charger, 12.21V/1.23A, power is about 15.04W.


Lenovo 65W charger

Lenovo 65W charger, 9.11V/1.64A, power is about 15.03W.


HP TPN-CA01 notebook power supply

HP TPN-CA01 notebook power supply, 12.04V/1.27A, power is about 15.35W, support iPhone 8 Plus USB PD fast charge.


Xiaomi 65W charger

Xiaomi 65W charger, 14.96V/1.02A, power is about 15.35W, support iPhone 8Plus fast charge.


The Microsoft AC-100C charger

The Microsoft AC-100C is not a USB PD charger. The test here is to verify that the charger can support the iPhone 8 Plus with 5V/3A. The test result is 5.4V/2.49A and the power is about 13.44W. It can be seen that the iPhone 8 Plus does not support 5V/3A charging, but the charging power is not low, which can be regarded as fast charging.


Note: The above chargers are all official original products. They come with a non-removable Type-C cable. Users need to use the Type-C to lightning adapter to achieve fast charging for the iPhone 8.


The above test data is based on POWER-Z FL001; due to differences in test equipment, test environment, and test tools, the actual charging effect may differ from the test data.


To sum up

From the test results of the 12 USB PD chargers in this test catalog, the support for the iPhone 8 Plus is good. Except for Apple’s own three USB PD chargers, the third-party PD charger is compatible with the iPhone 8Plus. The performance is good, the charging power is basically maintained at around 15W, and the charging power is greatly improved compared to the iPhone 7.


Finally, it is time to buy accessories. Since the iPhone 8/8Plus does not come standard with a USB PD charger, in addition to the Apple official USB PD charger, you can refer to the above test data to purchase your favorite one. Of course, you need to pay another to buy a Type-C to lightning data cable.

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