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Tips from experts to make sure your phone battery life is longer

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This article is about how to increase phone battery life.

Your mobile phone battery is completely lost within an hour of unplugging your phone. Are you frustrated? Well, The trick in getting enough battery power and extending phone battery life in your smartphone is knowing how and w to charge your phone.

Do not over charge. Be sure to unplug the phone, be careful to make sure you do not overcharge. Contrary to what most people think, keeping the phone plugged in does not increase the battery charge, but it reduces the battery’s capacity. phone battery life

Use almost full battery: Experts connect this to the stress/strain situation. This happens when the battery with the best charge is further charged, which does not keep it in a normal and relaxed state, thereby increasing the power consumption of the phone. In order to ensure the health of the battery shelf life, to prevent this situation is very important to the user. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the fees below 100%. If you do not need to keep the battery at maximum charge, select the battery that is near or partially charged.

Accessory maintenance: Make sure your phone is protected in a not too thick protective cover to keep the body cool at all times. Heavy coverings can heat your phone and adversely affect the battery. However, we know that some cover is needed to protect the external body from harm. The internal mechanism of your smartphone has generated enough energy to raise its temperature so that the phone is constantly hot. In this case, it is advisable to remove any extra cover, cover it with an elongated lid and keep the phone cool, especially in the sun.

Charge In Shifts: The best time to insert a cellphone is 10% of the time. In order to do this, you must carry your cellphone with you. Experts point out that continuous charging for a long time, such as charging all night, cause serious damage to the battery life. They believe that the alternative described above makes the battery more operational and thus also makes the battery exhausted phone function available and available for longer periods of time. As one of the major complaints of each smartphone user is the limited battery life, the above tips can actively enhance and improve the user experience.

Healthier Battery, Better Experience: The world of technology strives for greater consumer satisfaction every day. However, so far, the battery-constrained smartphone problem has not received the attention it deserves. Please keep in mind our tips – Regularly charged, protected from direct sunlight, protected against external damage, but not fully filled, and always fully charged.

tips of how to increase phone battery life

Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your iPhone:

For quick charging: Switch your phone to flight mode. This will control the amount of power used by the smartphone software. This reduces the battery pressure and allows the phone to charge quickly.

Search made easy: This is done by holding down the full station icon while searching. This will automatically make the necessary URL suffix options.

Erase track: User tracking is a reality. View yourself by setting places to visit frequently. This will show your destination and time spent.

Compass app: You probably never used this app, just stored it in some folders. Well, pull it out of the place where you dumped it. Swipe to the left to show real value.

Auto Focus locked: Having trouble with locking the focal point in picture taking can be reversed. Just long press the screen instead of tapping it and voila, an AF locked sign appears.

Customize vibrations: Choose the buzzing pattern person wise. Create different vibration options via contact edit.

Become a critic: Tell your iPhone a wrong detail. Condemned its mistake, it will learn to request correction.

Multiple fingers of the application at the same time: Drag two or three fingers to the task menu, flip between applications, and clean the clutter more quickly.

Music timers: Under the “End of Time” tab, set your music to a timer by reaching the “Stop Playing” tab.

Handsfree photos: Connect to a set of compatible headphones and press the volume button to click the snapshot. Surprisingly, isn’t it?

Saving mobile data: Use superstition to prioritize data. Access mobile data options via Settings, then downgrade the app to wi-fi.

Battery life prolonged: Open Spotlight search options on Apple Gadgets and filter battery power.

Shake and rub: Wrong typing can now be erased by a good shake of your iPhone, but it can not be printed until it confirms your permission.

Time records: Make a right- side swipe on the message screen for precise timings of every message exchanged.

how to increase phone battery life

Talking family: Let your iPhone know your family members so you can assign these contacts the appropriate nickname, such as mom or dad.

Moving in reverse: Excitedly, does your iPhone have no ready-to-use solution for the reverse motion of a button? You only have to swipe left to right and then go back to the previous page.

Crashing back to life: Long press the power button and lower the volume button. Reset your iPhone after a crash.

Starting at home: The feedback level options for the iPhone 7 home button can be customized. By setting the reach home button.

Give each caller himself: What is needed template for personalized message missed call. Settings> Phone> Reply text.

If you can care about your phone battery, your phone battery life will be longer.

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