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Unbelievable! the cell phone can be charged in just a few seconds.

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According to British media reports, British researchers have developed a new type of plastic electrolyte to replace existing batteries. This new type of plastic electrolyte has 1,000 times or even 10,000 times the current capacity of supercapacitors, which makes it possible for mobile phones and computers to “Speed charge”. Become a reality within two years.

Unlike ordinary batteries, supercapacitors use electrodes and electrolytes to store energy. Charging storage is quite fast. Dr. Brendan Howlin of the University of Surrey said that the world is investigating new energy storage technologies. This new type of ultra-capacity supercapacitor is likely to gain exciting progress.

Supercapacitor capacitor defects:

In spite of this, low energy density is its main drawback, and supercapacitors have a very low storage energy per kilogram. Jim Heathcote, chairman of Supercapacitor Materials Co., Ltd., said that in order to charge a cell phone for a few seconds, the supercapacitor needs to be 20 times the weight of the cell phone’s battery.

Use plastic electrolytes to solve the problem:

In view of the above problems, the researchers invented a plastic electrolyte to overcome the problem of low storage energy per kilogram of supercapacitors. It took three years to discover this stored electrolyte polymer.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, an American electric sports car company, previously regarded supercapacitors as the most promising technology in the field of air transportation in the future. The secret material used in the supercapacitors is expected to make electric vehicles the same mileage as a fuel car without charging for eight hours. Supercapacitor bus has been used in China, but the mileage is very limited. However, this new type of material can be used to drive 46 stations, without two or three stops for parking

To sum up:

Heathcote said that supercapacitor prototypes will be independently tested next spring. If this technology is feasible, it will be able to reduce the battery size of mobile phones and achieve a few seconds of charging within two years.

cell phone charge only a few seconds

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