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Power adapter manufacturer operating mode and market strategy

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Power adapters on the market can be divided into standardized power adapters and non-standard power adapters. Standardized products are mainly used in consumer electronic products, PC power supply and other fields. Orders are large, profits are low, and competition is fierce; non-standardized products are more common in communications power, new energy and industrial power supplies, with smaller orders and profits is high.


In the global power adapter market, customization is the main operating mode of power adapter manufacturers. Customization means that after receiving the customer’s order, the manufacturer designs a customized product that meets the customer’s requirements according to the specific requirements of the order, from supplier selection, raw material requirements, design process, manufacturing process, and finished product delivery. The customer decides. The order-based manufacturing model can usually be divided into two types: high-volume contract and small-volume personalization:

Power adapter manufacturer

(1), high-volume contract manufacturing: based on long-term strategic cooperation, the power adapter manufacturers both contracted the product design, performance, style, raw materials, etc., power adapter manufacturers in strict accordance with customer requirements for design or optimization, production, finished product supply.


2) Small-volume personalization: In order to meet the needs of diversified and small-volume markets, some power adapter manufacturers adopt personalized customization strategies to interact well with customers and flexibly regulate supply chain operations according to their individual needs. This model has low risk, flexible operation, and better cost control. However, the small-volume customization model puts high demands on the company’s R&D, production management and procurement capabilities. Therefore, the company must have perfect product development and design capabilities and raw material procurement capabilities.


Since the power adapter industry is dominated by customization, the sales and order of the enterprise are closely combined, so the sales behavior often occurs before the product is manufactured. At the same time, research and development of standard products to the market and customers, actively expand the electronics industry customers, showcase the company’s research and development design capabilities, production scale and quality management capabilities become an important means of power adapter manufacturers.


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