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Recommended 7 iPhone wireless chargers – Original iPhone charger supplier

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What is the most popular mobile phone accessory this year, no doubt, everyone

will say wireless charger! Not only Apple and Samsung phones support wireless

chargers, but mobile phone manufacturers including Huawei and LG have begun

to develop into the wireless charging market. But the official price of Apple’s original

wireless charger is very high, today I recommend several other wireless chargers with

high cost performance.

Apple's official wireless charger blackApple wireless charger white


1, Apple’s official wireless charger (black and white)


Apple’s official website is currently selling two wireless chargers: black Mophie

and white Belkin, known as “black and white”, these two have been officially certified

by Apple (not Apple’s own production), so there is a guarantee of quality . Using Qi

wireless technology, it provides safe and fast charging with a charging power of up to

7.5 watts. Price $39.95-$59.95, a bit expensive.

Excel wireless charging


2, Excel wireless charger


Excel is a very famous battery manufacturer in China. Excel has also developed

an iPhone wireless charger, compatible with the wireless charging Qi standard,

input 5V2A, 9V1.8A, the maximum output power is 10w, using magnetic isolation,

no radiation, intelligent power off, iPhone 8 full power takes 3 hours , iPhone X 4

hours, 60s smart aperture, and also compatible with some Samsung Galaxy models,

the official website price is about 15 US dollars;

Ugreen wireless charger


3, Ugreen wireless charger


Ugreen wireless charger from China is also a good choice, there are three models of

ordinary models, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, support Qi / QC standard, support

5W fast charge and 10W fast charge, the price is 12 dollars – 20 dollars.

Momax wireless charging


4, Momax wireless charger


From Hong Kong, support Qi standard, the base is equipped with QC3.0 fast charge,

the output power is up to 10w, and the price is about 14 dollars.

Torras wireless charger


5, Torras wireless charger


Matches wireless charging, supports QC fast charging, and is compatible with Apple Android

devices, intelligently identifying charging devices. When the phone is charging, the aperture

will light up, no other indicators, input power 5V1.8A, 9V1.8A, output power 10W. The thickness

of 0.65cm is relatively light and thin, the average model is about 14 dollars, and the upgraded

light and thin model is 20 dollars.

Ravpower wireless charger


6, Ravpower wireless charger


This wireless charging feature is faster charging speed, supports Apple 7.5W

high-speed wireless charging, 30-50% faster than Apple’s uncertified wireless

charger, input power 9V-12V/2A, output power up to 10W, compatible with

Qi standard The price is $40.

Samsung wireless charger


7, Samsung wireless charger


The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is equipped with a fast charge wireless charger and

is Samsung’s fourth-generation wireless charger, which can be used as a base or

bracket. The wireless charger can also be charged by the iPhone 8/X, but there is

a risk of damaging the battery of the mobile phone. Other users report that the

charging speed is slow, and the price is 29.99 US dollars – 69.99 US dollars.

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