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New nickel-zinc battery can replace lithium-ion phone battery

48 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-03-28

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this article is about New nickel-zinc phone battery and lithium-ion phone battery


Lithium-ion phone batteries are widely used in portable electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers. Although it has many advantages, the safety of lithium-ion phone batteries has been criticized by people and caused consumers’ worries from time to time. Therefore, researchers from all over the world are working to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries or find alternatives to lithium-ion batteries. A new study shows that a new type of battery with zinc as the electrode is expected to replace the lithium-ion.

Lithium-ion phone batteries are subject to fire and explosion from time to time. The main reason is that lithium-ion phone batteries must use flammable organic solvents as the electrolyte. The zinc-based batteries can use aqueous solutions as electrolytes, reducing the risk of the battery. Moreover, the zinc reserves are large and the cost is low. However, the reason why zinc batteries are still rarely used as batteries, an important reason is that the battery charging process is difficult to control, so after repeated use, battery performance has dropped significantly.

Researchers from the Naval Research Laboratory are determined to solve this problem from the perspective of improving the electrode structure. Different from the traditional zinc electrode preparation method, they do not directly press the zinc powder into a sheet, but instead, form a porous sponge-like structure through an emulsion method. Then they built a battery with this novel structure as the anode and basic nickel oxide as the cathode. Tests have shown that during the use of this battery, the zinc oxidation and reduction processes are more uniform, so the battery can maintain better performance after many cycles of charge and discharge. Researchers hope that this new type of battery will someday be able to replace lithium-ion phone batteries, thus making electronic products more secure.

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