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The role of home appliance power adapter

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Switching transformer, one of the core components in switching power supply. The function of the secondary rectifier is to change the low-voltage alternating current into low-voltage direct current. Among IBM’s power adapters, power adapters for small appliances


2. The storage device is not recognized, and the hard disk has strange noises. Insufficient power supply. Evaluation level: Critical. When the accessory upgrade is completed, it can be turned on and used normally, but sometimes it will stop on the self-check screen after the power is turned on. The reason is yours. One or several IDE/SATA storage devices cannot pass the boot-up self-test, which means that some storage devices cannot be recognized normally. If you check that the data cable and power supply are connected correctly,


The rectifier is often operated in parallel by two high powers to obtain a larger current output. 11. The secondary filter capacitor, the specification is 820uF/25V, there are two in total to filter out the ripple in the low-voltage direct current.


The role of home appliance power adapter


The charging voltage of the charger is too low (deviation from the technical standard value) → Use the DC voltage file of the digital multimeter to measure the charging voltage according to a certain method. If the voltage is low, such as less than 43V, it should be adjusted until it reaches 44V. Small appliance power adapter


It can be concluded that the power adapter can run stably for a long time. According to different environments, the data performance is different, and the stability is also different. For example, the mains voltage in China is 220V, and the mains voltage in Japan, the United States, and Canada is 110V. The stability of the power adapter in these two cases is different, but the power adapter has a voltage fluctuation range of 20%, and it is used abroad. Don’t worry too much.


2. Convenience


Convenience is everyone’s consideration. In this case, the value measured by an ordinary DC voltmeter will be greater than the nominal voltage because the output of the bridge rectifier is pulsating DC. Simply put, it is a time chain connected by the positive half cycle of a sinusoidal voltage signal, and the power adapter for small household appliances


Electronic products themselves are slowly moving towards a small and exquisite direction because of their convenience. Naturally, power adapters are also the same. I believe no one would be willing to carry big ones with them. Convenience is based on the measurements, volume, and weight of the power adapter, and the lighter price will naturally be higher.


3. Energy saving


We are now advocating green travel and energy saving, I believe everyone can understand. Power adaptation is mainly from the conversion efficiency, the initial power conversion efficiency is only,


After being filtered by a large capacitor, it will become flatter, but the ripple coefficient is still large (the ripple coefficient is the ratio of the amplitude of the voltage signal fluctuation to the average voltage, the smaller the voltage is, the closer the voltage is to DC),

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