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Samsung folding screen mobile phone is being highly commented

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On February 20th, Samsung officially released Galaxy Fold, the world’s first foldable smartphone in San Francisco, USA. The price was over US$1980, and the price exceeded the iPhone XS, which is called “the most expensive iPhone in history”. MAX top version. 
Samsung folding screen mobile phone is being highly commented


On April 15th, American consumers can book. At the same time, Samsung provided a batch of test machines to the media. After only two days of trials, there were problems with the test machines of several editors: the screen appeared bulging, splash screen, black screen, etc., resulting in the phone being completely unusable. 


In addition to Samsung, Huawei also released a folding screen 5G mobile phone mate X in Barcelona. 


Trying to use Samsung’s new folding screen mobile phone cover in advance, the American media of the Fold has recently spit out the problem of the mobile phone display. In response, Xinhua News Agency contacted Samsung Electronics Headquarters on the 19th. The company responded that some damage may be caused by the user removing the protective layer on the display screen, but said that the reason for each faulty machine will be thoroughly investigated. 


According to the plan, the Galaxel Fold will be launched in the North American market on the 26th. Before the official release, Samsung provided the prototype of this mobile phone to some American media reporters for trial use, but many reporters spit. Some reporters complained on Twitter that the phone used a day or two to cause flashing screens, broken screens, etc. Some people said that they did not tear off the display protection layer, but the screen folds soon after the use of bumps; The reporter uploaded the video of the mobile phone failure to social media, and called the Galloce Fold a product with serious design flaws after the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone that spontaneously ignited due to battery problems. 


Samsung folding screen mobile phone is being highly commented


In a reply to the Xinhua News Agency reporter, Samsung’s spokesperson said that Samsung has provided a limited number of Gallotech Fold mobile phone prototypes to media reporters for evaluation. At present, it has received some reports on the main display problems of the prototype. The protective layer on the top of the main display of the Gallophone mobile phone is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from accidental scratches. Some testers removed this layer of protection, causing damage to the screen. In addition, adding adhesive to the main display may also cause damage. Samsung will personally investigate the prototype of these problems in order to finally find the cause of the failure.


Samsung called Galloce Fold its mobile phone brand “the biggest breakthrough since its inception”, saying it “redefined the fashion shape of the future mobile phone, but also surpassed people’s perception of the shape of the mobile phone.” According to reports, this phone is highlighted by a folding screen. It has two displays, a small screen of 4.6 inches, and a large screen of 7.3 inches when unfolded. This is the largest screen size in Samsung mobile phones. 


Affected by display problems, Samsung Electronics shares fell more than 3% on Thursday. 

Samsung folding screen mobile phone is being highly commented

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However, it should be noted that if the folding screen is to be provided on a large scale, three problems need to be solved:


1. Whether the flexible screen can replace the existing screen and complete various displays and operations, there is still a certain gap; 


2, the mechanical mechanism of the flexible screen folding part and the screen itself, the protective layer on the screen, after multiple folding, whether it can still be intact; 


3. Manufacturing cost of flexible screens. 


From the current process, although the screen manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers are all convinced of the first two, but no one has passed the test of mass production. Even if there is no problem in technology, there are still many problems in mass production. solution. Nubian Alpha is stealing a clever thing, it can be understood as an “upgrade version” of the bracelet, and the bracelet’s requirements for the display screen are much weaker than the smartphone. Manufacturing costs are also a problem, and if the cost does not fall, there will be no more users to choose. 


In the short term, screen quality, folding effect, and manufacturing cost are still obstacles to the large-scale development of folding screen mobile phones. If it is in the hands of users, it also needs to include the special application adaptation, which is the key to the characteristics of the folding screen mobile phone. 


From the test machine provided by Samsung to the media, there are still many problems to be solved, although most of them are controlled by some details. Samsung’s folding screen is innovative and risky. In contrast, Apple’s production technology preparation and supply chain management level is significantly higher, risk-based innovation, so that friends first, Apple through large-scale adoption of mature technology to promote industry progress.

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