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8 highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S10 conference

323 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2019-02-14

Although it is still a week away from the Samsung Galaxy S10 series new product launch conference, Samsung’s new series of machines have been fully exposed by the joint efforts of supply chain, channel vendors and major certification bodies.


Earlier today, the Samsung retail channel exposed a complete configuration table that completely showed the parameters of the three phones in the S10 series, combined with information from previous channels. We can basically speculate on the highlights of several new products in the next press conference.

parameters of the three phones in the S10 series


1. Screen: Both are “punch screens”, S10 / S10 Plus is also equipped with 2K screen


According to the product configuration table exposed by Samsung’s retail channel, we can see that this release of the S10 series will include three mobile phones, all using Infinity-O “punch screens” solution, aspect ratio 19:9. Among them, the S10 / S10 Plus are also equipped with a 2K hyperboloid display. The specific parameters are as follows:


S10 (Beyond 1): 6.1-inch Infinity-O punch screen, resolution 3040*1440P, 550ppi;

S10 Plus (Beyond 2): 6.3-inch Infinity-O punch screen, resolution 3040*1440P, 522ppi;

S10e (Beyond 0): 5.8-inch Infinity-O punch screen with resolution of 2280*1080P, 438ppi.

hole screens


2. Front camera: The strongest front camera in history, and can also support 4K video recording.


Although this time, the three new models of the S10 series have adopted the punch screen solution, but their self-timer ability has not decreased. On the contrary, the three new models all use the super powerful proactive shooting function – the introduction of the super High-definition (UHD) selfie support.


The three new models in the S10 series are equipped with a 10 megapixel, f/1.9 master, and the world’s first support for 4K video recording. In addition, the S10 Plus also features a 10 megapixel + 8 megapixel front-projection dual-shot combination that supports Live Focus and dual-pixel autofocus.


3. Rear camera: S10 / S10 Plus horizontal three camera, S10e dual camera.


According to the exposure parameter table, the S10 / S10 Plus lens combination is basically the same, both are horizontal three cameras, consisting of a 12 megapixel telephoto lens + a 12 million pixel iris diaphragm + a 1600 pixel super wide lens. Supports multi-zoom, dual aperture, dual-pixel optical image stabilization, auto focus, ultra wide angle (123°), Live Focus, and augmented reality (AR) and Natural Look expressions.


The Galaxy S10e features a 12-megapixel variable aperture lens + a 1600-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens for dual-lens, dual aperture, dual pixel, optical image stabilization, and ultra-wide angle (123°).

 S10 / S10 Plus horizontal three camera, S10e dual camera


4. Comprehensive configuration: Exynos 9820, support Wi-Fi 6.


All three S10 series phones will be equipped with their own 8nm Exynos 9820 processor (China, the United States may be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855), and support Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 and so on. In addition, in late 2019, Samsung may launch a 5G version of the S10 phone.


The S10 offers 6+128GB, 8+512GB storage configurations; the S10 Plus offers 6+128GB, 8+512GB and 12GB+1TB configurations, with 1TB models offering ceramic black and ceramic white bodies exclusively; S10e offering 6+128GB and 8+256GB Two storage configurations, available in white, green, black, and yellow.


5. Unlocking method: face + fingerprint recognition


All three receipts use the face + fingerprint recognition unlock method. Among them, S10 / S10 Plus is the fingerprint of the frontal ultrasound screen, which is faster and more accurate than the previous screen fingerprint unlocking method; while the S10e will be unlocked with the side fingerprint and integrated with the power button on the side. Unlocking method: face + fingerprint recognition


6. Battery: up to 4100mAh, support reverse charging


On the battery capacity, S10 is 3400mAh, S10 Plus is 4100mAh, and S10e is 3100 mAh. All three phones support wireless reverse charging technology.


7. Samsung accessories: wireless headset Galaxy Buds, two smart bracelets.


In terms of accessories, according to the previous exposure information, Samsung will release a variety of wearable products at this conference, including Samsung’s second-generation wireless headset Galaxy Buds, and two smart bracelets Galaxy Fit / Galaxy Fit e.


Galaxy Buds will support Bluetooth 5.0 with 8GB of storage space, and the battery life will be further enhanced to provide three colors, black, white and yellow.

wireless headset Galaxy Buds


8. There is also a folding screen Galaxy F


In addition to the three mobile phones of the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung is also expected to officially release the pre-heated foldable mobile phone Galaxy F at this conference.


According to previous news, the Samsung Galaxy F is designed with internal and external screens and can be used as a normal mobile phone after folding. Among them, the external screen is 4.58 inches, the resolution is 840*1960, the internal screen is 7.3 inches, and the resolution is 1536*2152. The Galaxy F is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and a rear three camera.

Of course, the price of this phone is also very expensive, with a forecast of up to $2,500, and the first batch is only 1 million.

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